Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two-faced Grace?


Anonymous said...

We all know who she will be pandering to.

Anonymous said...

The poster on the right is written in Korean.

Anonymous said...

But which one is the real Meng?

Is it the one who is fearful of showing her face to "round-eyed" voters (at left)...
or the other (at right) who isn't hiding her Oriental features from her (mainly) Taiwanese supporters?

Will every constituent get their fair share from Meng (gasp) should she get elected to Congress?

Not likely.

Her past record proves that she has been biased toward "Asiatic concerns".

Many others in her district already don't trust this low key dragon lady.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean PANDA-ring to?

Anonymous said...

Grace is in the race...
backed by her gangsta daddy's cheese!

Multi Media
is getting their share of
daddy's cheese too.

The Flushing Phantom said...

I spotted these posters
on Roosevelt Ave. in my stroll through downtown Flushing.

Grace is certainly hedging her bets!

Is that the kind of lame
political campaign strategy she's paying Multi Media for?

She could have hired Parkside,
but that's the same tactic they would have pulled.

Anonymous said...

Keep on spending down daddy's lumber money.

The voters will woodie you out of office.

There aren't enough Asians to guarantee Grace a decisive victory in the newly created district.
Iit's gonna be a close race.

Anonymous said...

a closet Demo-dragon lady
for Congress"!

Anonymous said...

For Buddha's sake...
I encourage Democrats to even vote Republican if they have to...
before they get duped into voting for this Democrat!

Anonymous said...

Grace lost the Independent line,
and that might wind up costing her plenty.

The best of luck to you Rory!

Lancman is certainly someone who we Democratic voters can fully trust
to represent everyone fairly.

Anonymous said...

She is married to an American of Korean decent. So I think pandering maybe an overreach. I am sure her hubby is already stumping for her up and down Northern Blvd.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is being sold on that rack? Used shoes????

Anonymous said...

Dis Grace
Is a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

I don't see this as concealment. It's opportunity.

The English-language poster on the left invites you to imagine who or what "Grace" is.

They focus-grouped "Grace" among the Anglos and it came in slightly ahead of "Joe" and far ahead of "Nydia".

/signed/Anglophones for Grace (not necessarily "Meng")

Anonymous said...

My, my, my...
those Gracie trolls posting this morning are surely running scared.

Their moon faced Oriental princess
might not slam dunk the election.

Then the Ackerman crew at Multi Media can't continue to run the show from behind the scenes through puppet Meng.

Jung Hua said...


My royal Asian ass!

I happen to be a second generation American citizen of mainland Chinese (Canton) descent and I can tell you through experience that all Grace gives a damn about are Taiwanese issues!

Anonymous said...

on a slice of toast!

Grace is clearly attempting to hide her Oriental ethnicity from non Asiatics!

In the so called "Anglo" nabes,
the poster without her picture and last name appears.

While in downtown Flushing,
most of the postings are in Chinese with her face showing.

Do her political consultants
at the Queens Tribune really think
that they can successfully hoodwink the voters ?

She' Taiwanese and there's no getting around that at the polls.

I mean, after all,
she doesn't look very
i.e. Jewish to me.

Like she'll pull well in Forest Hills?

Here's another arrogant Asian pup cut from the same cloth as that liar John Liu.

Anonymous said...

As Charlie Chan
once said in and old movie,
"Better for a Chinese
to lose one's life, than lose face".

But Meng won't even show her face
on her English language posters.

So which face will she be showing
(and to whom) if she's elected to Congress?

Anonymous said...

Who will be pulling
Grace Meng's strings in Washington?

Look carefully into her "connections" before you cast your vote.

Once you buy her,
you are stuck with her.

The Flushing Phantom said...

"Anglophiles for Grace"...

An obvious sham group
set up by the Ackerman mob.

They're getting mighty desperate
at Multi Media now that "county"
lost arsonist Jeff Gottlieb to split the Jewish vote.

Anonymous said...

are all of these democrat congressional candidates communists ?

Anonymous said...

Vote for the republican candidate? You can't be serious.
Have you seen that disaster? Have you seen the state of the Republican party in northeast queens? What a mess Ragusa Tabone and this new termite coming out of the woodwork Watch I'd rather vote for a thief than anyone of these guys.

Anonymous said...

"i'd rather vote for a thief"

isn't that what ypu have been doing in all the elections you voted for democrats (aka)communists ?

take a count of nyc dem. prisoners to date.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...
northeast Queens, as a neighborhood, seems to beat all the other compromised overbuilt ones.

So whether the nabe is Republican or Democrat hasn't appeared to have hurt the quality of life there.

After all, that's what counts.
But should Grace gets in, she'll turn it into a lowly, fetid, teaming, Chinatown!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind being afforded a grace period when paying my bills.

But a Grace term in Congress would be a disaster...unless I was an Asian constituent.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be maced than Graced!

Sol said...

Go back about ten years or so.

Didn't one of the Mengs make some public anti-Semitic comments.

I believe that it was Grace herself.

It appeared in the press.

Does someone out there
remember the newspaper and date?

It would be interesting
to see it put up here for us to re-read.

As I recall it went something like, "....The Jews stick together....".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What is her real first name?

Anonymous said...

Her Chinese name, used in Chinese newspapers and posters, can be found in Wikipedia:

Anonymous said...

will she vote for the "L" "G" "B" or "T" while in congress?

Anonymous said...


Who knows....but instead of the usual "pork" there will be plenty of roast pork in Congress.

Anonymous said...

With all the racist attacks against Meng it only shows that people are scared of the improvements she will bring to communities throughout Queens.

Anonymous said...

With all the racist attacks against Meng it only shows that people are scared of the improvements she will bring to communities throughout Queens.

True that! Instead of a chicken in every pot, a whore in every doorway! It pays to advertise (in the Queens Tribune). Way to go!

PS What improvements? More development? More overcrowding? Amazing how the idiot trolls love commenting here... after the article's been up for awhile.

Anonymous said...

As I predicted...
the Meng trolls are pissed and at it.

Anonymous said...

RU kidding?

has Meng brought to us?

Her office takes forever...
or never returns constituents calls.

Now she's just an Assembly member.

Imagine what kind service you'll get from her when her ego is implanted in Congress.

Anonymous said...

It's to be expected,
because Grace generally runs
a slow show.
That's why her trolls took so long to post here.

Have you ever tried contacting her office with a problem?

"Gracie no here! Up in Albany".

BUT if you happen to parlay in Mandarin...or are a developer like Michael Lee....maybe you get a different response.

"Grace be right with you".

Please don't forget to send in those little red Lunar New Year (good luck) envelopes to the district office if you wish ensure express service in the coming year.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until bolan's basket ustash starts squawking about mustards of the seed again like we don't know who he is.