Tuesday, May 1, 2012

People ignoring jury notices

From the NY Post:

More than one-third, or 35 percent, of Queens residents ignore their jury-duty notices — the highest in the five boroughs.

“We’re dealing with thousands of people, and we just don’t have the staff,” said Queens County Clerk Audrey Pheffer, who acts as the commissioner of jurors.

In fact, Pheffer, a former assemblywoman, said the office stopped bothering to impose fines as it upgrades its jury-selection system.

Using voter-registration, motor-vehicle, tax and election records, the five city clerks blindly sent out more than 800,000 jury notices last year — not knowing if the residents are alive, living in another state, or didn’t understand what a jury summons is.

Recipients are supposed to show up at the courthouse or request a postponement — but many just ignore the notices.


Anonymous said...

Start enforcing the law, Audrey.

Anonymous said...

"the office stopped bothering to impose fines"

Of course. If only a few people dont show up for jury duty than they can impose/collect fines.

But if they are a third of the people not showing up they cant possibly go after so many people.

Bastard government and bastard people.

Anonymous said...

"The law requires people who serve as jurors to understand English, otherwise they cannot serve on a jury. If you cannot understand English, raise your hand."

99 percent of the people in the juror assembly room raise their hand. The other 1% are laughing so hard they start to cry.

Anonymous said...

If you want a higher turnout, then increase the daily pay($40.00). I bet
that would get a bigger turnout.

The self employed should be exempt since they would lose money by serving
on jury duty.

Anonymous said...

pay the jurors a living wage and people will show up. Everybody else in the court system gets decent money and benefits - e.g. two people suing over millions in a civil case- the judge,the lawyers the bailiff - heck even the court report gets $150 an hour, the people are supposed to get by on $40 a day to judge this - I think not.

Anonymous said...

What part of "no staff and no money" didn't you understand? And BTW, the County Clerk is not law enforcement. Let's see the DA prosecute these folks for contempt.

Anonymous said...

True story: 2 decades ago I got a jury duty notice. I called to postpone since there was no way in hell i could make it that day (already had plane tickets, business travel, would be fired if I did not go). They told me 'tough shit' (their words) on the phone, and I'd go to jail if I didn't show up.

I never went, and have ignored all notices since. I am told they still send notices to my old address, where I have not lived in 15 years. The last notice I saw still had Gloria Dmico's name on it as jury commissioner - she's been dead how many years now?

And they wonder why so few care to show up...

Joe said...

Screw jury duty, there is no justice it all a game of defective laws and lawyers playing to win.
I sat around like a schmuck for 2 days Jury duty then got called for an interview for a case about the Jones beach riots
I told the judge my opinions of justice, the current "legal system" and its total breakdown of justice, what I thought about lawyers, the defendant gangbanger and what should be done with him. Quote: "Id rather hang this animal from the Jones beach water tower then be here judge--set an example and spare the taxpayers" !

The judge became beet red and furious with me, slamming a books, yelling and calling me names and gave me contempt of court.
Yes, Contempt of court for truthfully answering the judges own questions !!!
During my own hearing some 2 weeks later the judge thanked me for offering to provide a "service" and said he was taking me up up on it !
--however it would be on HIS TERMS. I got 2 days community service sweeping and picking up garbage in that ebonic ghetto Roosevelt Long Island in an orange vest.

I no longer get called for jury duty. I'm self employed getting put on a long trial could bankrupt me. Id rather spend 2 days in a prison jacket

Anonymous said...

I tried something once...years ago.

While going through the questioning procedure to become a potential juror...I told the lawyers...and all others present in the jury room...that I thought the so-called justice system in Queens is riddled with corruption...so on and so forth.

Then the whole group wound up
getting dismissed because my comments might have polluted the process.

They had to start from scratch and pick from a new crop of people.

It was amusing to see how much power a few words can bestow upon a humble fellow like myself.

I'm not sure if that ploy would work today, but I had great fun trying it back then.

Joe said...

They no longer let you go like that..
Now --If your "unfit" they send you to the stink bus to federal court in downtown Brooklyn.
In my case since I was arrested I no longer get called.

None of the Judges, DA's and prosicuters want you once you been thrown into there currupt so called "legal system" and concluded your own opinion of it

Anonymous said...

If the laws were written by your peers, then a Jury of your peers would make sense.

The laws are written by self serving people. So a jury of your peers is just for show, not for justice.

If everyday citizens are called to write laws directly, then a jury of your peers would make sense.

When people see special interests, wall street executives being charged with stealing billions of dollars, maybe more people will show up for the $40 Jury Duty.

Anonymous said...

If you need to sue somebody, or if you get sued, you'll want a jury that will understand your side of the case; even more so if you get arrested. Whatever it is that makes you feel you are too good to be on a jury, when you serve the jury system will get (by your view) better.

On the other hand whether I'm a plaintiff or a defendant, I'll be happier most of the people who comment here stayed home.

Anonymous said...

There should be a cap on the number of times someone is required to serve on jury duty. I have served 5 times. The fact that these were spread out over years is irrelevant. I think myself and others like me are entitled to an "amnesty" after being selected so many times already. Especially since there are others who have never served.