Sunday, May 6, 2012

Metal thieves take anything not nailed down

From NY1:

The hunt is on for iron tree guards that have gone missing from Manhattan's Restaurant Row.

The Times Square Alliance says more than 20 iron guards on 46th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues disappeared last weekend.

Sources say there is a chance the guards were removed to accommodate work on the block, but they are not yet ruling out theft.

The alliance wonders whether the missing guards are connected to a pattern of stolen manhole covers.


At our last meeting we discussed the problem of missing fire hydrant caps that are being stolen by metal scrappers. I happened to see a fire engine outside of Frank's deli today and stopped to ask how important it was that the hydrants have caps. The fireman told me that fire hydrant caps are necessary to keep the "threads" on the hydrant from rusting. If there is a fire and there are rusted threads they will have a problem attaching the hose when there's a fire and every minute counts. A delay in response could result in the loss of life or property! Here's what he said:

Call 311 and have them report it to the Department of Environmental Protection. Be sure to have the address nearest to the hydrant. If they hydrant isn't near an address, provide the street and cross streets.

He said some fire houses have a supply of hydrant caps. You could stop by with the address to see if they might be able to replace it.


Rick D said...

Metal curb plates at the storm sewers have been stolen in the Bellerose area also. A call to Community Board 13 got them replaced pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

Time to impose hefty fines on Scrap Metal facilities that accept city and corporate owned scrap should be fined and if it continues, closed down. Con Ed has its name on all the manhole covers. The fire hydrant caps are not something that is thrown out with the regular trash. A major crackdown needs to be done and if they accept these articles of metal and are caught they should be fined or better yet, closed down.

Anonymous said...

Check the scrapyard on Junius st off Linden blvd in bklyn..........

Anonymous said...

are they Sunday nite Asian can collector's, at private home garbage cans , diversifying ? to fire hydrant caps and manhole covers?

where is Chuck Schumer on this Sunday Nite invasion?

Anonymous said...

naturally the city will replace the stolen taxpayers property promptly.

it is only money from your paycheck for nyc taxes.

easy come ....easy long as my pension and benefits keep snowballing....who give a sh-t ?

Anonymous said...

are they Sunday nite Asian can collector's, at private home garbage cans

I feel sorry for our homeless. the asians took their job away!!!

And BTW, who the hell travels 4,000 miles to another country just to go pick through garbage?????

Anonymous said...

go to ghetto neighborhoods. you will see that there are no working fire hydrants because the gang bangers like their offspring to jump around in the water. as long at they have their crack to sell, what do they care if the neighborhood burns down? even if it does there will be a government program to rescue them so they can continue to peddle illegal drugs.

Anonymous said...

Metal thieves?
I really doubt it.

It sounds more like
malicious vandalism to me.

Iron or steel
doesn't bring very much money in.
Bronze and aluminum are worth stealing.

Those Asian can collectors
go for the deposit money.
They're not in it for scrap metal.

Anonymous said...

maybe its time we invest in glass reinforced plastic caps. Glass fibers from glass bottles, and plastic from plastic bottles.