Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meng sues to have opponent thrown off ballot

New York (Apr. 26) - Grace Meng sued Juan Sheng in state Supreme Court yesterday to have Sheng thrown off the ballot in the June 26 federal primary election of the Democratic Party.

"It is a shame that Grace Meng feels the need to fight this election in the courtroom instead of at the ballot box. We collected at least 1,477 signatures from persons claiming to be enrolled Democrats residing within the 6th Congressional District and we need only file 938. We will vigorously contest the objections to my petition before the Board of Elections and in state Supreme Court," Sheng said.

Ballot access in New York State is difficult and candidates with large political organizations behind them, like Grace Meng has with the Queens County Democratic Party Committee, can prevent legitimate candidates who have demonstrated a modicum of support from getting on the ballot by suing them in court and causing them to needlessly expend legal and financial resources to fend off challenges. "While New York's election law provides for such challenges, at their heart they are extremely undemocratic proceedings and any candidate that demonstrates a modicum of support should be allowed on the ballot," Sheng said.

Juan Sheng is a member of Emily's List, an organization dedicated to encouraging more women to run for public office. She also was encouraged to run for public office by Senator Kirsten Gillbrand. Ms. Sheng participated in Senator Kirsten Gllibrand's "Off the Sidelines" program which also encourages women to run for public office. Thus, it is very ironic that the candidate endorsed by Emily's List, Grace Meng, should be the person challenging Ms. Sheng's designating petition and attempting to throw her out of the race. "If Emily's List really is interested in more women running for public office, why is it that the candidate they endorsed is challenging the designating petitions of an Emily's List member?" asked Ms. Sheng.

"I am running for Congress because none of the other candidates are talking about the most important issue facing the country: campaign finance reform. The country needs a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC. I wish the press would give more coverage to this issue and ask why the other candidates are not talking about it," Sheng said. "The public should not vote for any candidate that does not pledge to support a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United v. FEC," Sheng said.

And in other Meng news, the Queens Chronicle isn't buying her MultiMedia excuses.


Anonymous said...

Not sure where Sheng gets her facts from? Lancman is outspoken on the Citizens United case. Last year, he sponsored a bill opposing "corporate personhood."

Regretfully, this bill is still "stuck in committee."

Queens Crapper said...

How does that bill oppose corporate personhood? All it says is that a majority of shareholders have to support the donating of money. Most corporations do not have shareholders.

Anonymous said...

Next up is throwing "Grace Smith", "Grace Park", and "Grace Singh" off the ballot. Goodnight Gracie!

Anonymous said...

There she is...
Miss Taiwanese-American gangster's daughter...using some of the same thugish tactics (which I'm certain) her daddy Jimmy used to empower himself.

With her frozen determined face...
this inscrutable Oriental popsicle
stands resolute.

Pehaps "La China"
isn't so sure she can win at all
in a fair fight.

Now you know how Rory Lancman felt when county tried to screw him by injecting arsonist Jeff Gottlieb to split the Jewish vote.

Too f-----g bad Gracie.

It's now your turn in the barrel.

In-The-Know said...

Things getting a little too hot for you...candidate Meng?

The mantle of Gary Ackerman is not firmly set upon your shoulders just yet.

Better tighten up that smart pink scarf, Grace.

There's a chill-wind blowing from FBI headquarters that might soon blow you off the ballot!

Collateral damage from the John Liu case?

Anonymous said...


Meng is a lawyer/politician,
so the lawyer portion in her tries to go for the jugular.

So "Grace-girl" files a lawsuit.

She's afraid to face a better qualified opponent in the ring
all by her lonesome.

What an arrogant puss in that photo.
She thinks she's entitled to conquer the world.

Cav said...

Citizens United?? THAT is a big issue here??
How about dealing with a Supreme Court decision that actually affects us like Kelo instead of bullshit non-issues like Citizens United and corporate personhood.

And Dr. Ada gives the cancer patient a nose job......

Anonymous said...

they both are left-wingers....and will vote the obongo way....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it's common for operatives of one candidate to challenge the signatures of the other candidate(s). Petty, but common - and it's not confined to the "inscrutable", "Asiatic" candidates.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you better look up "obongo" before you publish it. The office of the president deserves respect. I believe the man does too.

Anonymous said...

when an elected servant leader of the Nation fails them so economically bad, he deserves no respect.

one out of two college grads are unemployed and returned to live with parents.

many 20-35 year age, laid off workers ,have moved back to their parents home.

unemployment in NYC is 9.5%-10.5 %, underemployment is even worse.

former young 40 's age level workers have no careers left, and work part time, at two -three jobs ,with no salaries that are half of previous incomes.

47 million Americans are using food stamps.

while his wife and friends spends millions of taxpayer dollars flying all over the world, on vacation.

Bailed out GM (gov.motors)still owes $12 billion to the taxpayers, while gm builds cadillacs in China.
the "volt elec. "has been discontinued and the 3000 union workers have been laid off, with benefits frozen.
gasoline at the pump is $4.23/gal., when it was $1.80 in 2008 .food prices are staggering.

12 million seniors will lose a great MEDICAL MEDICARE ADVANTAGE plan , if the SCOTUS does not rule the obamacare plan UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

would you like to read what former SNL actor said about your LEADER ?see:Breitbart .com

your turn.....

Anonymous said...

You think things are bad now, I shudder to think what will happan if the Republicans get control of this country.
I'm a small business owner in Queens NY and I lived thru the last 4 years. We were tottering on the brink of disaster in 2009 because of the failed policies of the previous administration. Times are better now. My business is improving in leaps and bounds.
This was done despite the obstuctionist attitude of most of congress.
Gm is still here. Millions of workers have their jobs. My daughter is still covered on my health plan at 24 years old. She has a good job in the science field after graduating in 2009. My health plan is better because her employer chooses not to spend too much on an employee health plan. We had a choice. So do they.
My taxes are reasonable and I pay them.
I'm not blaming the President for high gas prices and I don't give a rats ass about SNL actor's opinion.
I have had respect for the office of the President ALL MY LIFE whether I agreed with the policies or not.
The Office of the President and President Obama deserve our respect and will always get it from me.

Anonymous said...

Always dragging the national picture into the picture...
when the topic is Grace Meng and her gangster father.

When all other arguments fail, then it's time to drag in the president.

Hail To The Chief, "Da, da, da, da...da, dee, da, dee, da, da, da".

Everything is always President Obama's fault.

The malcontent idiots of Queens can't accept the role that Bush junior played in leaving the country in financial shambles
(not that I think Obama walks on water).

Hey you rich Republicans out there...
if you're so damn well off why are you still living in phony ass wipes?

Anonymous said...

Class warfare all the dems know.

Anonymous said...

Rory Lancman's silly little bill is a far cry from a constitutional amendment that would end the SuperPAC era of legal bribery. Lancman's campaign literature does not mention Citizens United v. FEC. Sheng made it the centerpiece of her campaign. It being the single most important national issue (don't expect any good jobs bills while the corporations have a financial stranglehold on Congress), the fact that it is not front and center on other candidates' platforms suggests that they want to keep a low profile on the issue so that they won't look so hypocritical when they get down to Washington D.C. and want to take their turn lapping up the money from the lobbyists' trough on K Street.

Anonymous said...

#12... "my business is improving in leaps and bounds-


The dems. controlled the House of Reps. and the U.S.Senate and the W.H from 1 / 2009- 11 /2010, until the Nation's voters and the TEA party had enough of their wasteful spending . Obamacare will cost an estimated$1.7 trillion by the Cong.Budget Office . Under obama the present national debt has increased by $ 5 trillion .Once the House of Reps. had majority G.O.P./Cons, after the 2010 midterm elections, a budget was presented. But the dem .Senate majority has stalled almost three years to present their budget.WHY?

the DEMS ARE OBSTRUCTING ,hoping that obama gets reelected. In the meantime dems are blaming all the stalling on the G.O.P.