Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another car crashes on Queensboro off-ramp

From the NY Post:

Another car crashed today zooming off the 59th Street Bridge ramp that leads to Queens Plaza South and Crescent Street, which was the scene of two deadly crashes just over a year ago.

The car, a taxi, flew off the ramp and smashed into some scaffolding in front of a row of shops at 4:52 p.m., said cops. The cabbie refused medical attention.

“I saw it coming straight for me! I just ran,” said deli worker Preet Singh, 25.

“I wouldn’t be standing there. It’s like a death zone,” said Wilfredo Carbajal, 43, a super at a nearby building who recalled three other crashes at the site since early last year.

The city has tried to improve the intersection over the last year, by adding new signs, rumble strips, flashing lights and reflective tape, officials said.


Gary the Agnostic said...

What is the 59th Street Bridge that the Post is talking about? The only bridge that I know about near 59th Street is the Queensboro Bridge!

Anonymous said...

The curse of Ed Koch!

Anonymous said...

as i commented on Q.C. last week, "SADIE'S DEATH VALLEY PLAZA".

she created a law suit money pit for victims of her poor designing of the plaza ,in order to plant trees and produce bike lanes. it is only your tax dollars be awarded to the victims and liars( lawyers).

replace Sadie,doomsberg, she is a disaster.....

i may still have photos in my camera of the site ,after the previous crashes occurred.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you cant blame the city for assholes who drive fast and recklessly.

Anonymous said...

four crashes in one year is statistically significant that the new design and poor detouring setup last year by D.O.T is the problem also.

searching data at this exit from prior years should prove me correct.

Anonymous said...

More like poor detouring. All these accidents have happened because the detour creates a sharp turn and with all these idiots flying across the bridge its no wonder it doesnt happen more often.

Anonymous said...

Move the Department of Traffic offices to the impact zone.

Anonymous said...

the D.O.T main Queens office is located on the north side of the Bridge Plaza .their vehicles are parked along the through road that exists along the main road.

many of the officials have private parking spots at local commercial bldg. lots near by. one wonders if taxpayers are paying for the parking of their private cars there also? isn't that par for the course ? every one else in the city's employ seems to be ripping off the taxpayers ?

a tip for Mocker, W.P.I.X.