Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Union reps think Johnny's toast

From the NY Post:

Sources with ties to the labor movement are now publicly saying Liu could be forced to resign over the federal probe that led to last week’s arrest of his campaign treasurer, Jenny Hou, who was charged with illegal fund-raising.

“His mayoral aspirations are dead in the water,” said Scott Levenson, a political/labor consultant whose clients have included the Working Families Party, the AFL-CIO, and unions representing teachers, hospital workers and building workers.

“Conventional wisdom is that it’s not likely that Comptroller Liu will serve out his term,” Levenson said.

“At this point, it’s very difficult for the comptroller, who is entrusted with the finances of the city, to continue to govern when there’s an ongoing investigation into allegations of usurping the campaign-finance law.”

Levenson said Liu is at a political dead end: Either he was a willing participant in a scheme to skirt the law, or he didn’t know — which is equally damning.

“Liu was done a long time ago. It’s not a question of whether he’s done. He’s got to worry about whether he’s going to jail,” said Teamsters Local 237 President Gregg Floyd, who has clashed with Liu over pension reform.

Levenson and Floyd were publicly expressing what other union officials have said privately. But those labor leaders said they did not want to “pile on” Liu, whom they consider a strong ally.


Anonymous said...

Shrimp toast, that is.

Anonymous said...

Hope Tommy and the rest of the Clan go down with the ship.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I knew the AFL/CIO was loaded with geniuses but this is just too much, almost psychic even!

Anonymous said...


Resign now.

You should never have run for Comptroller since you never intended to do the job.

It's clear that you rarely are involved in the actual duties, preferring to run around town handing out "commendations" , giving speeches and otherwise actually running for Mayor on the taxpayers dime.

However you're now involved in a criminal investigation and the people of NYC need a full time Comptroller to do the job. It's a very important position and it needs a dedicated leader, not one who spends 2/3's of the day playing candidate for another position.

You're going to be out soon, you ought to just cut bait now!


Anonymous said...

Just think about the unknown millions of dollars of taxes collected from this city that go to special interests. This should be just the tip of the iceberg.


Anonymous said...

What does the "Parkside Group" think?

Evan Stavisky will BS Liu into taking more of his money to run a mayoral campaign.

Anonymous said...

Liu's cousin Tommy Huang might finally go down along with him.

Anonymous said...


Recently (we believe) a Mr. Tu advised members (would be donors, etc.) of the Chinese community to stay away from the toxic Liu, lest the feds look into their affairs also.

And now the unions have abandoned Mr. Comptroller.

So, what kind of "power base" has Johnny left now...Chinese waiters?

Golden boy has just been politically castrated!

Anonymous said...

It looks like government policy is shifting away from giving the Orientals free reign.

Asiatics are going to be watched much more closely now thanks to shady Liu.

Anonymous said...

Joseph and Johhny son....crooked as a Taiwanese country road!

They've both proven to be semi-adept at cooking the books and fudging the numbers.

Joe already got convicted for it.
Johnny boy is next.

And let's not forget that Comptroller Liu was about to endanger NYC's pension fund by putting it in the hands of NJ'scrooked Guv Corzine's associates.

Anonymous said...

Liu won't resign.

He'll stick it out until the very end when he's finally convicted.

Being an Oriental he can't afford to lose face for himself and the rest of the Asiatics.

That's a "no-no" in their culture.

But he will wind up losing his ass!

I'm certainly staying tuned to this greatest of all soap operas.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the labor unions supported Liu in the first place.

A lot of their jobs have been already been exported to China.

Anonymous said...

the Fuk Yoo clan might all go down!

Anonymous said...

Liu had better not roll over on any of the secret tongs.

If he should suddenly wind up "disappearing"...I wouldn't eat in a Chinese restaurant for years.

Chop, chop!

I don't want any part of him.

Anonymous said...

yesterday i went to the Queens Cnty. bank at 154 st /Northern Blvd shopping store had newspapers, but there were 15 curb news boxes.

i wanted to check the ny post for an update to the JOHN LIU taxpayer theft scandal.

all newspapers were printed in Mandarin. NO ENGISH LANGUAGE PAPERS.

read the EPOCH TIMES, an American /Chinese published paper ,for local asian comment on the says that the four commie papers are telling the asians that JOHN LIU is being discriminated against by the Americans and U.S.Attorney,because he is chinese.

the U.S.Attorney was born in India ? why would he discriminate against chinese people?

should we demand that english written papers be available at this shopping center? why no criticism by members of St. Andrews and B.F.H.A.?

"Irrelevant Leftie" said...

Anon No. 15:

The fact that four commie papers are telling people that John Liu is being discriminated against and 75 cents will get you a copy of the Post on weekdays.

His career, happily and deservedly, is toast, regardless of what they say or do.

As far as getting English language papers in boxes near the shopping center on Northern Boulevard is concerned, they should be doing that - those papers are distributed elsewhere like that. It's up to the papers to do that, though. It's up to us to demand it of them.