Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turner and Ackerman could be finished

From NY1:

Because of population changes around the country, New York is set to lose two members of Congress this year, going from 29 seats in the House of Representatives to 27.

Just how those districts would get redrawn and which members of Congress might get squeezed out in the process has been a matter of debate.

This morning, the picture got a lot clearer with the release of a draft proposal from federal magistrate Roanne Mann.

Most districts would remain largely the same, but there are some big changes, including a new Queens district that is almost 40 percent Asian and could leave Democrat Gary Ackerman out of a job.

The biggest potential loser is Republican Bob Turner, who won the special election to fill Anthony Weiner’s seat.

According to the proposed maps, the freshman congressman's district would be eliminated and absorbed into several other districts.

Nevertheless, Turner is not surrendering.


Anonymous said...

Congressman Turner should be the next mayor of N.Y.C. can he take the bashing from the leftwing union/political/media /complex?

if not for A.Breitbart the mayor would be Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1:

Not really. Weiner had alienated too many people in this city.

Anonymous said...

Because of population changes around the country, New York is set to lose two members of Congress this year...

you mean because the census numbers we a sham and severely under-counted the number of residents in this city???

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Gary!

I've been waiting for this day!

He moved out of Jamaica Estates years ago and now lives in Roslyn Heights.

Maybe he'll return (LOL, as if he ever left) to the Queens Tribune.

Or maybe he'll wind up in the soup with John Liu after the federal investigation is over.

In that case a prison cell might be the shady Congressman's new home.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ackerman---got a fork? You're done!!!

Anonymous said...

If that map in the picture is correct, I'd say this is a good thing. It shows the reconnecting of the Rockaway Peninsula and Jamaica Bay Communities, it is not far off from our current State Senate Boundaries which serves us just fine.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why the current administration moved the census under control of the white house.

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Ackerman....You've done nothing for us!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Now you know why the current administration moved the census under control of the white house.

This oughta help!


Anonymous said...

Turner's main concern since he was elected has been to get an Israeli terrorist out of prison. The terrorist was caught spying on the US and is in prison,where he should stay. Turner has been bending over to get him out instead of being concerned about his districts.
SO, goodbye.

Anonymous said...

#10...see "THE TRAITOR",Seymore Hersh,New Yorker mag.or N.Y.Mag.(he was not deemed a terrorist,but a SPY). Local Cong. Gary Ackerman was a lead lobbyest for his release for many years.i agree that Turner is wrong to pursue this pardon.

the story of JONATHON POLLARD,the U.S.Naval Intelligence employee who copied and SOLD a 10'x10' room size quantity of secret documents to the Israelis ,detailing C.I.A.operative's international code names.

plus many other U.S defense ,technical warfare and communications secrets. George Tenet,then C.I.A.Director stated that operatives were killed overseas, because of Pollard.

the Israelis were thought to have traded this secret info. for jewish scientists ,who wanted to immigrate from U.S.S.R to Israel.

when Clinton was going to pardon Pollard,Tenet and his officers were going to resign.

The Flushing Phantom said...

I'm glad he's not going to be "representing" me any longer.

I think I'll send Gary a black rose to celebrate the occasion.

Where he sticks it is his choice.

Anonymous said...

If the newspapers would continue to investigate Gregory Meeks' shady financial activities - or even better if there was an indictment - it's possible that Turner could squeak out a win if there Districts are combined.

Anonymous said...

Well i guess since hes last one in Turner i can understand it.I wouldnt count out Ackerman. Im not a fan and i know hes older but he's like a villain in a bad movie that keeps coming back.

Anonymous said...

bill maher could be finished at H.B.O. ,since he slandered sarah palin with the C--t and Tw-t words.

the conservative citizens are retaliating against him in the hundreds,maybe thousands. i did today, and was told the cancellations are wide spread.

Breitbart .com (comments ) confirm this information.

Anonymous said...

Gramps, you are about to learn a lesson re: the media marketplace.

Maher's audience is young thus highly desired.

Ol' Smutmouth Limbaugh's has an age median in it's mid-sixties and rising.

Watch and learn Gramps.

BTW: Where are your numbers....and what has this to do with Bob "squinty eyes" Turner being deep-sixed?

Anonymous said...

RE:"smut mouth limbaugh"an bob "squinty eyes" turner ????

there you go again. you just can not control your proclivity to follow your leader, SAUL ALINSKY'S (RULES FOR RADICALS ) mandate that libs. ridicule,ridicule ridicule.

why would any rational reader ever believe your comments ?

you sure must have upset your asian comrades with this comment .

even a lib. columnist Kirsten Powers, the daily beast .com,has chastized your pals for their double standard in over looking lib. slandering of Conservative women.

"Irrelevant Leftie" said...

There you go again, Gramps - ridiculing, riduculing, ridiculing the whoever made those comments (it wasn't me). You do to most riduculing here, displaying how well you've learned your Alinsky traing, and yet you always whine about people who go after who you like.

And, of course, you didn't respond to the points that the person made about Bill Maher, who is DEFENDING Rush Limbaugh!

And Kirstin Powers ain't much of a Democrat, trust me.

Anonymous said...

RE: I. sure have a great ego. you respond to a comment that was directed to ANON ?