Saturday, March 10, 2012

Richmond Hill squatter house padlocked

From the Forum:

It appears that neighbors on a Richmond Hill street—once plagued by a trouble home—can rest easy for now.

What was a problem house for residents on Park Lane South appears to have been remedied, as police have evicted trespassers and locked the doors to the basement of the home on 102-16 Park Lane South, which residents have previously complained had been the source of late night disturbances caused by trespassers.

Officials from the 102nd Precinct confirmed recently that the doors to the bottom floor and second floor of the home have been padlocked—but not by police, as only the bank had the authority to do so in this case—near the end of February, shortly before the precinct’s regular meeting, and an eviction notice had been posted at the door, according to a check-up by officers.

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