Saturday, March 3, 2012

No permits at collapse site

From the NY Post:

A worker digging at a Harlem construction site was nearly killed yesterday when the ground suddenly collapsed and he was buried up to his neck in dirt and rubble, witnesses and fire officials said.

The worker, employed by Accura Restoration, was inside an 8-foot trench waterproofing a building at 1753 Park Ave. when the ground gave way at around 11 a.m.

Two good Samaritans, Francisco Pichardo and Ricardo Santos, heard the man’s anguished screams and raced to the scene.

The do-gooders were forced to stop when the ground continued crumbling.

FDNY rescue workers shored up the area using a vacuum truck to suck out the dirt, and carefully removed the remaining rubble by hand.

The city’s Buildings Department immediately issued a stop-work order to the site after they found that Accura had no permits.


Anonymous said...

Notice what the stop work order is about-no permits. Maor Moneybags' corrupt Buildings Dept. didn't get its pound of flesh, so shut 'em down.FTM again folks- it's so often just about the money!

Anonymous said...

The DOB is useless, pointless, dysfunctional and allegedly corrupt.

And, their Commissioners and Inspectors (all participants) and politicians should be held accountable for lives lost and lives destroyed.

The City and their Agencies and employees owe us the citizens and taxpayers a "Special Duty". The time has come to stop the madness.

Maybe we should file a law suit as a group. A class action. Perhaps all interested parties hurt by the Huangs need to call Senator Avella to get the ball rolling.

How has this been allowed to continue to the point that it has? Why? I think we know by now why. It's all about the money. Big, Big Money. Corrupt politicians. And, presumably others in authority.

They say, it goes all all the way up up up.

They still are covering up much from the past. Letting Tommy and Henry finish their jobs in the process. Why should these crim__nals be allowed to do any construction at all.

They need to come clean. The time has come. It is not over until its over.

Commissioners who initialled and okayed everything -- for projects owned and operated by notorious, rogue developers/owners. If they had stopped the Hu__gs like they were suppose to. Sanchez might still be alive.

What happened to that big "investigation". Where's the D.A. on this matter.

The elevator investigation has presumably been concluded. Why not the investigation into the Queens Blvd. construction fatality. Nothing, nothing, nothing. No personal injury lawsuits filed either.

Anonymous said...

Throw Accurra in jail to stop this practice as an example to other developers thinking of the same.