Monday, March 12, 2012

No more matching funds for Johnny

From the NY Post:

Even if he makes it past the widely publicized federal investigation of his campaign finances, Comptroller John Liu is in for a rough ride if he intends to stay in elective office.

Sources say the Campaign Finance Board isn’t likely to hand over public matching funds for his next run without a fight.

“They’ll move heaven and earth not to pay him,” said one source with insight into how the CFB operates.

Liu raised more than $2 million for what was to be the race to succeed Mayor Bloomberg, and had $1.6 million left as of mid-January.

With his campaign treasurer and one of his contributors facing federal charges of trying to scam the matching-funds system, most political observers are betting Liu will abandon the mayoral contest and try to hold on to the job he’s got.

Despite all his problems, he’d be a formidable candidate for re-election if the feds don’t nail anyone else.

The embattled comptroller shouldn’t anticipate any further help from the city’s generous matching program, where a hefty 6-to-1 return is made available for every personal contribution up to $175.


Anonymous said...

What's with the goofy pose....
practicing to block his future cellmate Bubba's advances by shielding his cute little boyish (LOL) body?

Anonymous said...

That's a GANG symbol.

Anonymous said...

This article, originally in the NY POST speaks about Liu being re-elected to the position of Comptroller. It's absurd!

Clearly John never intended to actually do the job of Comptroller, which is a critically important job for NYC, he simply used the position to run for Mayor.

Now we learn that his campaign is under Federal investigation and Liu claims to "know nothing" about the election violations that seem clear. How on earth can the citizens of New York be stupid enough to repeat their mistake?

I believe in Democracy, but that doesn't mean I don't think the voters don't make mistakes, they do.

The biggest mistake voters make (and they do it over and over) is not showing up to vote. Liu was put in office by a scant 3% of New Yorkers.

97% paid no attention.

Can that actually happen again? I truly doubt it. But it so then the citizens of New York will reap what they sow.

Anonymous said...

This actuallyl shows the caliber of political leadership we have today. What's with the gang banger pose?