Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Museum exhibit contains photos of old NYC

From NY1:

He was a banker by trade and a photographer by passion. More than 45 years since his death, Frank Oscar Larson is re-emerging as an artist of museum quality after his family recently found a box of his negatives.

"They thought they would be family photographs or something but what they found was a real treasure trove of amazing street photographs from New York City n the 1950s," said Queens Museum of Art Executive Director Tom Finkelpearl.
Decades Later, Queens Photographer's Vision Comes Into View

From the more than 2,000 negatives, 65 were printed and are now on view at the Queens Museum of Art. A keen observer of the city, Larson captured the everyday and the everyman, giving many a window into city life as it once was.

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Anonymous said...

we need more of this type of exhibit to teach newcomers how our city was built on the backs of immigrants who came to work and better themselves and their community
I ll attend