Friday, March 9, 2012

More Queens Crap coming soon to Bellerose

"Our next door neighbor passed away at the end of last summer. Around the same time, his Mom got into a car accident and decided to sell the house at 250-09 88th Road.

Last weekend the new owners saw fit to place Rat Poison all around the house and garage. In all the years we’ve lived here – never ever have we seen a Rat or Mouse. Being concerned about the safety of this pesticide, I called the DEP who came to investigate to make sure that the baits were legal. Unfortunately they were.

Then today – shocker of all shockers – they are removing the 100 year old majestic tree that’s between their driveway and ours. Unfortunately it’s on their property so legally nothing can be done to stop this atrocity! This tree provided us with shade and protection from the Summer sun and heat. It was also home to countless birds and squirrels. There was nothing nicer than waking up to the songbirds in the springtime! What’s more – this tree withstood every single storm. She was truly a survivor, protector and shelter. And now this old healthy tree has been killed for no good reason.

I am so upset that if I were home right now I probably would have chained myself to the tree, risking arrest.

I do not understand why the people who are moving into Bellerose insist on removing every last bit of nature from their property! They build huge monstrously ugly homes, getting rid of lawns and grass in the process.

Why is it then no wonder that wildlife is constantly being displaced and having to look for new homes?!

I do believe this is the final nail in my coffin and I will make every effort to leave Bellerose this year. I am sad and distressed at what this area has become.

They have now removed ALL the trees in back and all the hedges in the front. Looks like they are going to tear down the house and indeed concrete over the grass! I need to get out of here." - Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Since were they come from had no building amenities, dirt, grass, trees, flowers is seen as backwards and must be replaced with concrete to be seen as an improvement from where they once came from. It's also a blessing in disguise in some instances for some who don't do anything and well the yard looks like the same. There is no appreciation for nature and it's benefits because many of these people are uneducated or don't have time to stop and smell the roses. They don't see roses, they see maintenace and work instead.

Anonymous said...

Indeed very sad. One of the many reasons why I left Queens 10 months ago.

Anonymous said...

The permit says it's approved for subdivision. It looks like that entire block will be crap now. By the looks of the map it looks like the person who submitted this is right next to the triangle house (queens crapper original). If I were the owner I would sell the property now to the developers before they start. That was a great block back in the day.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why the people who are moving into Bellerose insist on removing every last bit of nature from their property! They build huge monstrously ugly homes, getting rid of lawns and grass in the process.

The reasons are very simple and staightforward:

1. the politicians benefit not from long term residents who are wise to the game and waste everyone's time with quality of life issues but the new residents who are transient, come from cultures were authority is respected as a matter of course, and view property as an investment to suck money out of rather than a home that people live in. Lets not even talk about campaign donations.

2. the social culture of NYC can do something about this but the media is in a state of flux (to say nothing about control by elites who do not face your problem), the preservation community exists only in wealthy communities (the locals are for the most part second stringers puffed up and manipulated or ignored as the case suits their betters), urban think tanks make plenty of money off development (think Kenneth Jackson of that octopus Columbia U who acts like venal development is the one driving force of NYC history) and often with directors that are developers themselves.

Big Hairy Balls said...

It's called quality of life. After retiring I fled NYC as fast as I could. It was the best move I ever made regarding life there. There are 49 other states to try, don't remain a prisoner in that garbage hole any longer. Long live Queens Crapper! Long live my amazing NYC pension! Death to Assad! Death to the Palestinians! Long live Israel!

Anonymous said...

I haved lived in Bellerose for 10 years and a Queens native. I also have been disappointed with the way the neighborhood is physically changing. Homes that dont fit the charm of our area, front and back yards devoid of landscapes. I worry with all the concrete, our sewers will be overloaded with storm water as it has less areas to percolate. I wish our civic association and city council would help us with stricker zoning- i think its time we gather togethet and take a stand. Dont give up on Bellerose and Queens. We still have worthwhile ammenities and great parks.

Anonymous said...

You can move out to Long Island!

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Bellerose for almost 18 years and I am sickened by the way a once beautiful area has changed. The area seems dirty, mini-mansions on postage stamp sized lots, Ethnic stores are taking over, food carts, etc. I was hoping I would live here forever but doubt that's going to happen.

Unknown said...

As everyone knows by now two monstrous homes have been placed where once there was only one. They are to be two 2-family homes with a ONE CAR GARAGE in the back. Where will all our parking spaces go now?

Anonymous said...

As everyone knows by now, two monstrously huge houses have been built where formerly there was only one. We lived through the noise and vibrations all last summer. Now we will have additional families living here with less available parking spaces. Oh yes--there is a ONE CAR Garage in the back. A one car garage for 4 families?? Really?

Anonymous said...

Since last writing about this in January, the tiny house (249-27 88th Rd) has since been repo'd and the tenants have all been evicted. AND the owner still owes $2500 in penalties and fines.