Thursday, March 8, 2012

Burst pipe causes concern

From the Daily News:

Steven Castro was leaving his Maspeth home to head to work one morning about a month ago when he first noticed a stream of water seeping from the sidewalk, flowing down the block and pooling where 60th Dr. meets Fresh Pond Rd.

Dozens of phone calls and several visits from environmental officials later, the leak has yet to be fixed, leaving homeowners concerned about potential damage and puzzled by the lack of action by the city.

“Seeing this in front of your house for 30 days straight can start to get to you a little bit,” said Castro, 44, a window cleaner by trade. “Neighbors are calling about it everyday. Who knows how much longer this can go on?”

The leak, which the city Department of Environmental Protection said is coming from a burst pipe in a neighboring home, has significantly eroded the ground in front of Castro’s house and waterlogged a telephone pole.


Anonymous said...

I always heard that the pipe connecting your house to the water main in the street was the owners problem.

Anonymous said...

30 days? They respond to 90 days when the street caves in, be patient Buddy it will happen soon enough. By the way get ready to shell out 3-5K to fix the pipe and street repairs.

Anonymous said...

Yes. The first comment is correct. If the water pipe that leads into your home is compromised ,then you are responsible. Call a plumber,not the DEP.

Queens Crapper said...

Yes, it's the owner's problem. But if the owner doesn't fix it, you call DEP. The person quoted in the article is a neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Normally, a break in the feeder water line floods the connected house. It seems incredible that with that amount of water, it didn't intrude into anyone's basement yet.