Friday, November 4, 2011

Real estate blog becoming charity

From the Daily News:

Long Island City writer Nancy Verma is overhauling her popular local blog — and it’s more than a superficial redesign.

Because continues to attract more neighborhood readers, Verma, 36, said the time has come for her to take a more active role in local issues — and that’s why she is turning her blog into a nonprofit group.

Verma has lived in the neighborhood for seven years and worked as a real estate consultant. She launched the blog in response to the area’s rapid development.

“I had never seen my environment transform so dramatically before my eyes,” she said. “There was really a demand for information.”

She now has more than 20,000 monthly visitors to her site and posts often spark lengthy debates in the comment section.

With her new project, she wants to keep a revamped version of the blog active but also directly advocate for responsible development and partner with local businesses, artists and civic leaders.

With her nonprofit status, she’ll be able to apply for grants and access new resources.


Anonymous said...

Never trust a blog run by a real estate consultant!

Did you ever hear of a not for profit real estate business?

Anonymous said...

Achieved non-profit status pretty quickly, it seems to me. I'd check their status before donating with expectation of tax deduction...

George Bush said...

Queens Crap is cutting to the bone - cutting through all the blather by the press and politicians which are in the pocket of the developers.

The people know better. Development and the image of LIC is on the razor's edge - and the Crappy Community is doing everything it can to push it over.

This is an opportunity in cyberspace to counter the truth spun by Queens Crap.

Bring 'em on!

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it - that is the place for those getting ice cream money and a bit afraid to be seen with their neighbors here on Queens Crap and only want to be involved in carefully scripted situations.

I mean, Crappy, like democracy is sooo untidy.

That can be repository for those who like to be told what to say and given a treat for doing so.

Hear doggy doggy. Roll over. Good dog!

Anonymous said...

what's crappy's status?
Profit only?

Queens Crapper said...

Do you see any ads here? Been sent an e-mail from me for fundraisers? I don't ask for a dime from my readers and I don't make a dime off this site. There's your answer.

Anonymous said...

That 'blog' is such a worthless sham. I'd love to know who's bankrolling it in reality. Probably Bloomberg himself.

Anonymous said...

Good work Crappy.

You are making them sweat - for the first time.

You have everyone's respect and admiration.

Anonymous said...

Crapper, this blog is free. You don't have to spend a dime on bandwidth, server, etc. What are you talking about? I can create a blog on various blog sites.

But it's amazing she can apply for non-profit status for a real estate blog.

Queens Crapper said...

What I mean is that I don't make a profit off this site. I could load it up with ads and make a profit but I don't. I could also try to get not-for-profit status so I could apply for government grants for my particular brand of activism, and have the public support my blog, but I don't. Understand now?