Friday, November 4, 2011

More Meeks funny money

From the NY Post:

Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks has engaged in “gross disregard” of federal election laws, a campaign-watchdog group alleged in a detailed complaint against the congressman filed yesterday.

The sweeping letter to the Federal Election Commission could result in yet another investigatory head-ache for Meeks, who is already being probed by the House Ethics Committee and the Justice Department.

The complaint by the conservative National Legal and Policy Center argues that Meeks, through his Build America PAC, appears to have repeated at least three of the campaign violations that in 2008 got him a $63,000 civil penalty.

Among the oddities outlined in the letter is a $5,000 “stale dated check” from Meeks’ Build America PAC to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a check that the PAC listed as voided in January of this year.


Anonymous said...

The Meek shall inherit a prison cell!

VERY SOON, we hope!

Anonymous said...

They won't prosecute a a black pol.....