Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mrs. McLaughlin wants to keep Brian's loot

From the NY Post:

The feds say the wife of disgraced ex-pol Brian McLaughlin doesn’t deserve any money from the sale of the couple’s luxury Long Island home because their lavish lifestyle should have clued her in to his epic $3.1 million corruption scheme.

In court papers, prosecutors allege that Eva McLaughlin “had every reason to know of [Brian’s] criminal activity -- especially given their general spending and the circumstances surrounding the property’s purchase.”

The Manhattan federal court filing also notes that “the amount of net proceeds” from the four-bedroom, Nantucket-style home in Nissequogue “is less than the criminal proceeds that went into the property.”

Eva -- who left Brian over reports of his philandering -- sued the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office for a share of the $1.2 million sale price on grounds that she’s an “innocent spouse” of the imprisoned former Democratic Queens assemblyman and labor leader.

Her suit says that she was “left almost penniless” after he forfeited their home and that she now struggles “every day with supporting me and my daughter.”


Anonymous said...

taxpayers stolen funds by convicted politicians should not be used to support his family. she should get a job. did not the machine take care of her?

Anonymous said...

"Goldiggers 2011"
starring Eva Mc Laughlin!

Ya think she married him for his big...uh...never mind.

It was his large bankroll she adored.

Alas old lass...
the Irish curse is all you're left with.

Anonymous said...

Brian the RAT

Anonymous said...

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, ...

Anonymous said...

his many union and government pensions are available to her, along with S.S.I. She can also sell the luxury cars given to him by his crooked associates involved in the scams.

unless there was a R.I.C.O. offense?

Anonymous said...

She should get it all! This guy should be cleaning toilets in prison for the rest of his life.