Saturday, November 5, 2011

Development loophole allowed cart tragedy

From the Daily News:

Two boys who nearly killed an upper West Side woman in a crazed shopping cart stunt would have found the act almost impossible without a dangerous loophole in city building regulations.

Marion Hedges, a mother of two, was critically injured Sunday when a pair of 12-year-olds hurled the cart from a walkway — four stories above a busy pedestrian plaza, police said. Despite the urging of another boy to stop, they lifted the shopping cart above a railing that was a mere 42 inches high.

The pedestrian walkway at East River Plaza was erected by a private developer, but if it had been owned by the city, builders would have been required to construct an 8-foot high fence over the wall, city officials said.

Because the walkway was private, the owner, Blumenfeld Development Group, followed the Buildings Department’s 42-inch height requirement — not the Transportation Department’s 8-foot standard.


ambidexter said...

These types of walkways are all over and people do not throw things off and kill people. Lets understand that these Boys are responsible for this.
Trying to blame the Builder is just the Lawyers starting to circle.

Anonymous said...

these kids should absolutely be held responsible! they're parents should be ashamed for raising such degenerates. this is a perfect example of bad parenting - letting your kids act like complete disrespectful a$$holes. trash!

Anonymous said...

Where is Security in this facility? Your life is in danger in these shopping venues. Youngsters horse around and danger lurks with them at every turn. Both the kids and the owner are at fault.

Anonymous said...

The owner is NOT at fault. The idiot kids' defense attorney is combing the books looking for ways to get these kids off.

These idiots have no compassion for others - if they were my kids, I would be afraid to close my eyes in front of them.

Too bad one of them wasn't in a coma instead of the innocent shopper.

Anonymous said...

come on, crappy. I hate developers, but you are pushing it with your title. "Deveopment loophole"? Please.

The building code can account for a lot of things, but with savages acting like savages, there is nobody to blame but the animals themselves. 42" high railing is MORE than enough protection for HUMANS who know how to behave.

Queens Crapper said...

Didn't say the walkway caused the accident. The post is about how private developers can allow fewer safety precautions than the government can.