Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meeks' car trouble not a campaign expense

From the NY Post:

Rep. Gregory Meeks needed a brake.

The Queens Democrat charged nearly $7,000 in auto-repair bills to his campaign committee, possibly violating campaign-finance rules for the second time in three years.

The congressman drives a 1985 Mercedes convertible registered to him, not his campaign. He took it to an Arlington, Va., dealership twice for repairs last spring, according to campaign-finance reports.

He racked up a $5,778.78 bill in May for work that included brakes, alignment, welding and tie rods. He also took the car in earlier that month, complaining that his front seat was sticking, and had a $237.80 bill for the repair, the dealership told The Post.

Campaign-finance reports show he had a $671.13 expense for “travel” from NTB in Alexandria, Va. NTB is a garage that does oil changes and routine maintenance.

“This appears to be a personal expense prohibited by law. The car is registered in the congressman’s name, and there’s no record that the car is a campaign vehicle,” said DC political lawyer Cleta Mitchell. “Unless the congressman can provide documentation that it is not personal use, the presumption will be that it is.”


Anonymous said...

You'd think one of the many chop shops in his district would fix his hoopty for free.

georgetheatheist said...

And they camp out in Zuccotti Park?

Anonymous said...

This is another phony 3 dollar bill politician.

Anonymous said...

Does Liu's payment to Abrams to defend him count as campaign expense?