Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kept on payroll after she left

From the Daily News:

The outgoing boss of Mayor Bloomberg’s Business Integrity Commission gave his private secretary three hefty raises — even as he managed to keep her off the city payroll.

Mike Mansfield, who was in charge of driving the mob out of city businesses, gave secretary Hope Kennedy three raises in just seven months, pumping up her salary nearly 60%, the Daily News has learned. Mansfield, who is leaving the commission for a private-sector job, was able to hide the pay-raise trifecta by making Kennedy his chief of staff — yet keeping her on the payroll of the Queens district attorney.

Kennedy’s salary climbed from $68,000 to $108,000 during seven months, records show. The raises were hidden because Kennedy continued to be paid as an employee of the Queens DA’s office even after she left her job there, in an arrangement that appears to be unique in the city. By doing this, Kennedy also was able to dodge residency rules that require all Business Integrity Commission employees to live in the city.

Instead, unlike everyone else in the BIC office who lived in the city, Kennedy’s home is on Long Island.


Anonymous said...

What about all of those do-nothings that have remained on the payroll for decades....starting with the likes of Terri Osborne?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to hire a forensic accountant to comb the NYC books for waste and inefficiency. So much money would be found that our taxes wouldn't have to be hiked for ten years.

Anonymous said...

this seems like a task for SUPER LIU......& his employees at STROOCK, STROOCK, and LAVAN.

Anonymous said...

Integrity??? Thieves with integrity!

Anonymous said...

Mike Mansfailed is the former Integrity Bureau Chief of DA Brown's office. Kinda ironic, dontcha think?