Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is it time for residential parking permits?

From CBS 2:

“It’s an idea that’s long overdue. In communities from downtown Brooklyn to western Queens and upper Manhattan, people don’t measure the amount of time they have to drive around in minutes. They’re measuring it in hours,” said State Sen. Daniel Squadron, D-Brooklyn.

“You can do it in a way that protects small businesses and it improves quality of life – you don’t have folks circling for minutes or even hours,” Squadron told 1010 WINS.

And that’s why Sen. Squadron has introduced a bill that is finally getting traction to establish residential parking permits. The cost has yet to be worked out, but it would be a “reasonable” annual fee.

“In other cities it’s everything from as low as $20 to as high as about $100, never prohibitive,” Sen. Squadron said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg supported residential parking permits as part of his failed congestion pricing plan, but now he says he’s not so sure. He’s worried about parking for local businesses.

So then why is his DOT commissioner installing bike lanes all over commercial districts?


Anonymous said...

The problem is lack of parking.

Solution is penalize residents.

In the old days, it was the job of the government to do what was needed by the residents.

What if the government provided more parking spaces ? We pay their salaries. Would seem that it is what they should do.

Joe said...

Its been needed for decades especially in Ridgewood where you can have blocks of Matthews flats.
These things house 6-9 renter family's EACH with only 2 parking spaces in front. Next door or around the corner you then have 1 or 2 family owner occupied Stier row house with no driveway paying the same taxes. Its not fair and almost impossible to find a parking space anyplace in Ridgewood after 7PM

I rented a garage a wile back. It was useless since people constantly blocked it knowing the 104 "retirement" PCT did nothing to enforce illegal parking unless it was on Catalpa ave.

Joe said...

""What if the government provided more parking spaces"
Here we go-- As in steal via eminent domain my small Stier house and big back yard ?
This so apartment buildings of 150 illegal f*ing aliens, foreigners and sec 8s in the Norman street flats can buy more $600 Honda's and have a place to park them right ?

Actually Bloomberg and Tom Suozzi both said something close a wile back. Claiming high density living is best and single 1-2 family homes are a waste of space that should be utilized to help house all the "new people" that cant afford to live in Parts of Queens and N Shore Long island.
Take or "surcharge tax" single small homes to death to encourage owners to utilize basements, extra rooms for tenants in exchange for surcharge waiving.

Just wait till Cuomo II gets his new state Judges in office--all Jimmy Carter like bleeding heart Hamptons liberals like his scumbag mom dad and girlfriend.
If these "Jimmy Carter Democrats" had their way they would be bringing the pregnant female mextizos towing 3+ kids right to your door with boxes of clothes and diapers at gunpoint right now.
--Let not forget the hipsters, trust fund brats with the useless liberal arts educations when the money runs out.

FlushingRepresenter said...

"So then why is his DOT commissioner installing bike lanes all over commercial districts?"

Because hipsters bring plenty of their parents hard earned money to New York City and they need some place to ride their fixed gear bikes and have their playgrounds.

Anonymous said...

If it cuts down on the amount of cabs-livery, yellow and otherwise- and "out of state plate" cars parked on our streets, I will gladly pay.

Anonymous said...

"The problem is lack of parking.

Solution is penalize residents."

Actually if you look into the issue, the idea is to make parking available for residents. This issue has come up because of the new Barclay's center in Brooklyn, and the expectation that the neighborhood will be overrun by people looking to park for free to go the the stadium. The same situation exists around Yankee stadium, and around LIC and Western Brooklyn where people park and ride into the city and make it nearly impossible for the locals to find parking.

This is actually a good plan for people who live in those areas, and will also curtail out of state registration abuse. The problem is this will also be a revenue generator and before long this will be in every neighborhood whether it is needed or not.

Anonymous said...

From today's NYTimes

"The department has undertaken a feasibility study around the Barclays Center and Yankee Stadium, and Mr. Woloch said that even if the program was adopted, “there would be no guarantee that residents would find a parking space in their neighborhood.”

Councilman Lewis A. Fidler of Brooklyn cast the only dissenting vote, describing the permits as a slippery slope toward forcing drivers in every neighborhood in the city to pay for parking.

“Government loves new revenue streams,“ Mr. Fidler said. "


Anonymous said...

We need better manners as well. Like here in my block in glendale, people who buy a single family home with a driveway and garage, then own two vehicles and NEVER park them on their property, and instead insist on taking street parking.

The icing in the cake is they are worried about the bumpers of their early-90s Honda Civics getting dinged, so they take TWO spots for each car so people cant park behind or in front.

To recap; thats a home with two parking spots no property instead taking up 4 street spots.

This would have never happened when my block was mostly germans. Now its slavic euro-trash with no social skills.

Anonymous said...

Eruo trash - thats a good one.

Same in Astoria - now the people who have two car garages rent both spaces and park their cars in the driveway between the gargage and their house making it all but impossible to park in the ajoining garage that we rent - instead of Vanbramer calling attention to stupid things that is on his short list of personal agendas (like email after email on the concerns of the tiny minority of trangenendered and questioning youth) do something for the community at large - like passing legistaltion - or better - insisting that current rules are enforced.

Nora from Dutch Kills said...

Bullshit - they will pass legistlation for the residences, then take away spaces from the people and businesses in Dutch Kills to give to the hotels.

A lot of us think they, not the people that live here, are the most important thing in the eyes of our politicans and others that get all the press.

Anonymous said...

So I'll end up paying to park my car on my block and what will happen is people who don't have permits will park there anyway. I'll call 311 who will call the 104 precinct, who will never respond. I'll drive around for hours, just like I do now, except now I'll be wasting gas and wasting money on a permit!

Anonymous said...

If this gets us congestion pricing, i'm all for it!

Anonymous said...

Pro's and Con's.

It would be nice to provide residential parking permits to actual residents in pure residential area where there are no stores. These could be a mix 40% residents of the immediate area and 40% city residents and the remainder from everywhere.

Anonymous said...

This will be in every neighborhood in an eye blink and in the end will be another tax for living in city limits. Furthermore it is totally unenforcible and will do nothing to curtail the parking problem. Why should I pay for something I can have for free with the placement of two orange cones.

Anonymous said...

I presently pay taxes for the property in front of my house & I would now have to pay an additional permit tax to park there. DUH! Just another way of making the tax payers shell out more money. Every family has a minimum of 2 cars so how would those numbers figure into this stupidity. How are the Police supposed to answer calls regarding this? I need them to be on the streets combatting crime and keeping my community safe. They're badges say NYPD not haulers of illegally parked cars.

Anonymous said...

find a spot?

if you visit the "Family Dollar" on myrtle and 72nd st, no need to fuss.
just park diagonally on the sidewalk across the street, or in the alleyway of the apt buildings (there are no driveways).
104 wont ticket, and neither will the
Traffic Dept (meter maids).

I hate Glendale.

Anonymous said...

agree with this! my street in Rego Park looks like a company parking lot, for some reason all of the ambulettes in queens think they should park there. my small block will have 10 of them parked with room for maybe 4 or 5 private vehicles left