Monday, September 5, 2011

Waiting in vain on Queens Blvd fix

From the Queens Chronicle:

Forest Hills resident Stephen Melnick looks along the business corridor of Queens Boulevard and sees dead trees and overgrown brush, broken curbs and sidewalks, and litter accumulating along traffic lanes and islands that need repaving.

But Melnick said the boulevard won’t shine without the the city’s commitment and the support of local businesses. He toured some of the more unsightly areas last Thursday morning with Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills), Community Board 6 District Manager Frank Gulluscio and Michael Persaud, deputy chief of staff to Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills).

“This corridor can be an engine for economic development,” Melnick said. “It should be warm and welcoming to people who come out here. But it’s not. Ever since they put in parking meters along the islands seven years ago drivers have been using them as a garbage dump...”

“But there’s no money right now, and that’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Gulluscio said. “And you’re talking about a mile and a half.”

Aren't you sick of hearing the City reps and their apologists say there is no money? There always seems to be money for stupid Bloomberg legacy shit. How about calling him out on that once in awhile?


Anonymous said...

Aren't you sick of hearing the City reps and their apologists say there is no money? There always seems to be money for stupid Bloomberg legacy shit.


Why stop there? Plenty of money for development - look at Queens Plaza boondoogle.

Plenty of money for library construction (not programs mind you - but construction).

Bloomberg can always be traced back to City Council - if they never crapped over your desire for term limits Bloomberg would currently be a historical reference.

Anonymous said...

if you are searching for nyc wasted tax money ,search the nyc spending on the Planyc 2030, for playground to park conversions from 2008 to 2011. this GREEN DREAM is now bankrupt because 9.2% to 17% of former nyc taxpayers are unemployed or underemployed.

your taxes paid for benches,sibling trees,astroturf "carpets" to make the concrete into fake grass.
most of these spaces are now unused. see I.S.25 ,Flushing/Auburndale.

with 1000 schools in nyc,the taxpayer was really going to be scammed even more. these projects were unnecessary.
a bloomberg program of absurdity.

Anonymous said...

Is that Bozo on the right in that picture?

Anonymous said...

Go Karen go! You serve us so well! I'm so glad I voted for you so many times! NOT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

See that lady in red - no she is not waiting for a bus to a senior center to play bingo and shake Clair's hand.

That is what passes for an elected official in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Why does it take someone from the general public to point out to our elected officials things that are wrong and obviously overlooked ? Mr Melnick gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

I've seen better cared for roads in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Why does Queens get stuck with incompetent and lazy electeds?

Anonymous said...

did the atrium at the rear of Queensborough hall ever get built? in order for brides to walk to the marriage bureau,dry ,when it rains, they reportedly are spending many millions of taxpayer money.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Because people keep voting for them.

Anonymous said...

Look - Ronald McDonald is making an appearance on Queens Boulevard!

Anonymous said...

They need to level Queens Blvd and start from scratch.