Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reading, writing and bedbugs


Someone who knows said...

Every school in Astoria is infested. IS 10, IS 141, PS 150, yet "investigators" never come and it takes months for confirmation it is a bed bug, after the school captures them (preferrably alive) sends them in a plastic bag and envelope to "the lab" where if your lucky they send "an exterminator" who only treats the area in which it was found.

Astoria schools are all infested.

Phoney Valloney said...

I'm scratching my head on this one!!!

Joe said...

Thats you multiculturalism for ya.
Illegal immigrants with kids living 30 to an apartment in 'sleep shifts, sharing beds.
Mountains of clothes & garbage yet always have bodega $$ for buying lottery tickets and 12 packs of Budweiser cans.
America never had these problems before, outbreaks of tuberculosis, E-Coli, leprosy, Chagas, 3 foot Gambian rats.

Not to be called a "Racist" It’s not just the massive wave after wave of illegal trespassing foreign national criminals who are bad.
It’s all the filthy baggage and "extended family fresh over the fence" they’re carry with them, politically, racially, culturally, economically–and biologically.


Helen said...

Obama opened the door for HIV/AIDS "visitors"

Anonymous said...

know someone who lives across from this school and her apartment was infested.. just walk across from the schools and see how dirty the properties are!

Nostra DamnUs said...

Quit buggin' me! Haven't ya heard that we live in the 3rd World Order???