Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peninsula Hospital may be saved

From NY1:

If Peninsula closed for good, it would have been the fourth hospital in Queens to shut down since 2008, leaving only St. John's Hospital to serve the Rockaways. But now, Revival Home Health has stepped in and offered a financial life line.

"The Department of Health is reviewing it as I understand and then our board of directors have agreed to it," said Peninsula Hospital Director of Public Affairs Liz Sulik.

"We've actually convinced the DOH that we do have staffing; we do have supplies; and that we do have money to restructure this hospital," said Peninsula Hospital Board Member Joe Mure.

Mure says Revival Home Health COO Todd Miller has been named the hospital's chief restructuring officer, and that he's very excited to overhaul the hospital.

While the deal still needs to be signed off on, the diversion order has been lifted. Ambulances are now once again allowed to bring patients to the ER. And Peninsula should be a fully-functioning hospital by the end of the Labor Day weekend.

Rockaway residents are delighted.

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