Friday, September 2, 2011

Developers get taxpayer-funded expeditor

From Crains:

In an effort to make the city's construction-approval process easier to navigate, the city's Department of Buildings announced Thursday that it has created and filled a new senior post, whose occupant will oversee the streamlining of the entire process.

Taking the job with the title of deputy commissioner of building development will be Fred Mosher. An architect at Skidmore Owings & Merrill with more than 24 years of design and construction experience, he will be in charge of construction-plan examination operations and the issuing of permits in all five boroughs. In addition, he will manage new efforts to aid development throughout the city and help to increase efficiency of the construction plan review process.


Anonymous said...

Will the expeditor check to see if the developer is breaking promises they made to CBs, BPs and the CPC?

Anonymous said...

where did the last d.o.b. official disappear to,who was supposed to expose and convict crooked inspectors and violation /fine hearing judges ?

Anonymous said...

i just checked the D.O.B. complaint website (NYC.GOV) for the results of two different violation sites in auburndale,queens.

the complaints were made in early June.2011. complaints are still active ,meaning no inspectors visited ?

have they stopped following up on complaints ?

Claire Shillman said...

I feel like such a role model!!!

Sign up for this fall's course "Fleecing NYC 101". This week I'm focusing on slipping D.O.B. inspectors a bribe without anyone finding out. Shhhhhhh..............!