Thursday, September 1, 2011

Data not good for Bloomberg

From the NY Times:

...for a mayor who advertised his managerial expertise to win a third term, some of his administration’s own numbers show a clear slump in the performance of agencies Mr. Bloomberg oversees as the city’s chief executive.

While many performance indicators registered gains since 2001, a higher share declined and fewer improved during most of the last fiscal year than in any year since Mr. Bloomberg’s first term. The slump, magnified in the past two years, has apparently not been lost on his constituents. Before the mayor’s timely, aggressive, reassuring and highly visible response to Tropical Storm Irene — in contrast to his administration’s lackadaisical handling of last December’s blizzard — his job approval rating had declined to its lowest point since 2005, according to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll.

Among seven broad services provided by the city, a majority of indicators improved in only a single category: economic development. In two categories, public safety and education, more indicators declined than improved.

Among all of the 478 indicators or measurements of progress monitored by the mayor’s office, about 48 percent improved and 45 percent declined, according to an analysis by The New York Times — a record that may undercut Mr. Bloomberg’s reputation for applying business skills to city government even during a recession. Administration officials defended their performance, saying the sagging economy inevitably led to some service cuts, even as agencies are still expected to show year-to-year improvements.


Anonymous said...

So what? People were not happy when term limits were thrown out, and does any one say anything about that today.

The point is the process makes your feelings and choices irrelevant.

And they do that because they know the public is wimpy and lazy.

Mayor Mike said...

And they do that because they know the public is wimpy and lazy.

Don't I know that but shhhhhhhhh..........
Can't let too many people in on my secret!

Mayor Michael Bloombeer said...

Four more beers er years!!!

Anonymous said...

QCC, why oh why did you not discuss what she did on term limits instead of what she can do for you?

Whatever it is, is it worth a blind eye to term limits?

Suzannah B. Troy artist said... New YouTube on Bloomberg’s lack of disclosure on Goldsmith spousal abuse which evokes what else didn’t Mike and gang disclose from back room deals term limits to dirty deals Haggerty -- no one calling for a forensic audit for his last 2 campaigns to his mini-me Christine Quinn who we cannot have for mayor aka Mike for a 4th term and she is raking money in from real estate kick backs + Wall St. bail-out.

Anonymous said...

If he had matt silverstein from north queens working for his administration this would of never happened

matt silverstein for city council