Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just like Groundhog Day: Mobster redux

Remember when we featured this?

State Senator Serf Maltese had egg on his face after this came out.

Well, Council Member Elizabeth Crowley recently bent over backwards to make sure the street in front of the same bakery was plowed. And she wants the world to know about it. This made the front page of last week's Ridgewood Ledger.

After repeated calls, Crowley said she was finally able to convince sanitation to plow the street.

“I’m glad that our persistence prevailed,” she said. “This could have been an even worse situation for the community that depends on the goods that come from the bakery.”

Although Crowley said she was happy to help Grimaldi’s, there were many other incidents following the storm that did not have a happy ending.

“In those days after the storm, we were inundated with people who needed help. We had emergency situations where people needed care,” she said. “Some people’s lives were lost.”

But at least the bread was baked on time...

Because she obviously has her priorities in order, Liz has been selected as a "Rising Star" by Vicky Schneps:

Perhaps Vito will buy a table.


Anonymous said...

"Serf" Maltese The landlord lovin' repub?

His connection to the mob was hardly a surprise. He and everyone associated with were crud.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Well duh, anonymous, nothing to say about dipshit Crowley doing the same?

Anonymous said...

Liz Crowley and Vicky Schneps, the dipshit duo of Queens County.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about Cathy Nolan's Birthday party sent to the people she doesn't support?

Or is it we have to go to her birthday party to get support?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Dazies Restaurant
39-41 Queens Boulevard
Sunnyside, NY 11104
RSVP (718) 229-4201

Show up! Take a page from her playbook and toss off a mumbled statement of support for her like she does for us.

Then go over and eat the food! Get SOMETHING out of her ..... for once!

Schnep Right up said...

Nice to know that Liz once again has her priorities in order.

As for being "selected" one of Queens' Rising Stars, what a joke! Elizabeth Crowley's too dumb to realize that this is no honor, it's just another money making scheme to line the pockets of Queens' biggest political and business whore, Tricky Vicky.

Anonymous said...

my mother was as honest a churchgoer as they come, but she raved about the prices and quality of the meats sold at a market on the west side of main street @ roosevelt avenue, in Flushing during the 1950's to 70's.

it reportedly was owned by a person involved in organized crime.

ex/nys senator maltese was a combat veteran of the Korean War.
that makes him a patriot in my ops by politicians and unsavory persons are in the archives of most media publications.

even elmer "trigger" burke of the westies was a WW11 heroe with the "Army Rangers". he chose the wrong path after the war.

Anony2 said...

At least it's a mom & pop and not a panera bread. It will keep the block safer too.

Anonymous said...

As for being "selected" one of Queens' Rising Stars, what a joke! Elizabeth Crowley's too dumb to realize that this is no honor,

Compared to the rest of the lot in office this woman is a bloomin' genius.

Anonymous said...

Show up! Take a page from her playbook and toss off a mumbled statement of support for her like she does for us.
She doesn't mumble but is loud and brassy just like Chrissie.

Same result though.

Helen said...

Anonymous # 4 ~

Have you seen the size of "Cathy" Nolan? This place seems to be her (and Van Bramer's)favorite hangout.

Anonymous said...

My favorite bakery is on Metro &75st. Can the city at least clear the crosswalk;i gotta get my raisin pumpernickel!

Anonymous said...

It look slike some kind of concert or talant promo. Is she going to sing ?

Anonymous said...

"even elmer "trigger" burke of the westies was a WW11 heroe with the "Army Rangers". he chose the wrong path after the war."

At the end of WW2 there were approx 15 million Americans in uniform.

Nearly -all- (including my Father) came home and led normal decent lives.

The P.O.S. that you cite coyly as having " chose the wrong path after the war" was predator scum.

Nothing mollifies that.

The fact that your "honest-churchgoer" Mom patronized a store owned by mafia scum is part of the reason why they have been so hard to exterminate.

I, as an honest, non-church going Liberal would -NEVER- patronize anything reputed to be mob owned.

Prayin and genuflecting doesn't absolve one from having fed the beast.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Crowley a Rising Star of Queens? Welcome to the dumbing down of America.

The fact that she could get elected in the first place is an absolute travesty. Now we have her getting phony awards for doing what?

Can't wait for her speech..."Oh, and I'm like, so happy to like, be here!"

Anonymous said...

did you or your father ever support the American Communist Party,which installed their agents as the leaders of most unions in the U.S?

the Stalinist/Marxist/Leninists/Maoists have been responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of freedom loving people, since the 1900's.
along with organized crime,
also the real extortionist gangsters of society... pay or we won't work .

happy 100th birthday,PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN,if you had lived this long.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
did you or your father ever support the American Communist Party,which installed their agents as the leaders of most unions in the U.S?"

You seem to be having a sort of flashback..let me help you out here: :Are you now, or have you ever bee a member of the Communist Party?"

-"Alky Joe" McCarthy.

As for the infiltration of unions, it was the -mafia- that organization your "honest churchgoer" mom patronized.

My Father was a decorated Commissioned Lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne Combat Engineers. He, and his men liberated many towns in France from the Nazis.

He was a lethal as you could get in hand-to-hand, but -never- struck us...we were raised (more or less) by the Benjamin Spock book.

The absence of vindictiveness and violence in our upbringing spared from the sort of personality you evince.

My Father also had a Liberal Arts MA and was a renown art dealer for a time in the 1950s & 60's.

You, old man most likely owe whatever sustenance and benefits you enjoy to both the trade labor and social justice movements.

Some of those that led the movements such as Eugene Debs were "Socialists" -you should thank them for giving you more than the just crumbs off the rich man's table.

Anonymous said...

was not the former leader of the S.E.I.U.,Andy Stern, a socialist /communist, and most frequent visitor of the community organizer at the White House the past two years?

you still are evading the big question, why?

joe stalin+armand hammer +al gore's father +----= union of soviet socialist russia's fellow travelers.

was not adolph hitler and joe stalin ,both totalitarians, war allies in 1939 ,till hitler broke their pact to conquer and enslave Europe together, with socialism/communism/naziism ?

btw: there you go again..."PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN"

Anonymous said...

English translation, please?

Anonymous said...

"joe stalin+Armand Hammer +al gore's father +----= union of soviet socialist russia's fellow travelers."

Armand Hammer? He was a major oil man and industrialist...and friend/client of my Father.

Old man you are in way over your depth.

You have been propagandized to the point of idiocy.


--and here:

Anonymous said...

btw: you brought Senator Joe McCarthy into our debate.
would you explain the "VENONA PAPERS" to the Q.C. readers?

recent books on this subject have proven that McCarthy was correct about the many communists installed in the U.S.Government ,spying for the U.S.S.R. ,during the 1940's to 60's.

google wikipedia ,joe mc carthy or VENONA PAPERS.
the u.s.s.r. archives will tell the true story,if you care to open your mind to the facts.

Anonymous said...

Please, the Verona Project decrypted only a small percentage of intercepted traffic and the translations were highly subjective and kept top secret. They concerned the war years, not the 1950's when "Alky Joe" went on his booze fueled terror witch-hunt

McCarthy never found or exposed -any- actual red's in out government..but simply ruined the careers and lives of thousands of American Citizens.

None other than the U.S. Army's censure of him finally put an end to his demagogic rampage.

He died of a ruined liver due to alcoholism a few years later.

No amount of crap revisionism can cleanse his disgrace.

But, please, feel free to trot out a few more of these scoundrels...the GOP has a bunch, and I enjoy target practice.

Anonymous said...

Shucks, I missed it. It must've been VERY entertaining to see the mutual admiration (and mentally challenged) society of Queens County feed and spew their empty platitudes at Citi Field– which hasn't seen that many losers in one place since the last Mets home game.

Anonymous said...

from wikipedia,armand hammer :his father ,Julius,a committed socialist had a leadership role in the socialist labor party of america. a part of the S.L.P.,under julius 's leadership split off to become the founding element of COMMUNIST PARTY U.S.A.

later in his life ,ARMAND HAMMER, would admit the COMMUNIST tie himself....

please give us the details of the VENONA INTERCEPTS so that we can verify if you are a MASTER OF DECEIT?

Anonymous said...

Old man, you don't realize that for businessmen above a certain level, ideology, location, religion do not matter..only profits.

My Father was born in Shanghai where his Father has business but raised in Peoria Ill. where Caterpillar Tractor was based.

He told of that company's sale of thousands of tractors in the 1930's to the Soviets and how the locals, those church going WASPS all loved Stalin and the Soviets for keeping them employed (and sending over tons of Vodka and stinky Russian cigarettes).

It's certainly true that we didn't know what a monster he was 'till years later.

old man, quit fighting the battles of sixty years ago...well don't if that suits you:-)