Friday, February 4, 2011

DenDekker wants cities to pay for faulty tickets

From the Daily News:

A QUEENS lawmaker wants to put local governments in the state on notice: Write up an erroneous parking ticket, and you'll be the one paying up.

Assemblyman Michael DenDekker (D-Jackson Heights) introduced a revision to a bill yesterday that would make all municipalities in the state - including New York City - pay $100 to motorists who are wrongly ticketed.

"We need to hold government accountable for these frivolous tickets written to innocent people," DenDekker said.

His ticket crusade was fueled by the summons that his mother, Jacqueline, 74, got in August for violating the alternate-side parking rule near her home on 31st Ave.

She got the ticket on a Thursday, even though the regulation is in effect only on Wednesdays between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. She decided to fight the ticket and sent the Department of Finance a copy of the ticket and pictures of the street sign.

Earlier this month, the city sent DenDekker's mother a letter saying she needed to provide more pictures of the street sign.

"When someone does nothing wrong and they have to prove themselves, they should be reimbursed for their time and effort," DenDekker said.


Anonymous said...

Of course it strikes you as obnoxious when he protests only effects his mother but at least he's right.

Chance of passing - 0.13 %

Anonymous said...

That is not going to stop cops from writing faulty tickets when they are under quotas.

The tens of millions of dollars NYC shells out each year to settle (or pay verdicts) in police abuse cases hasn't stopped them either.

The motto seems to be "It's not your money, it's not my WTF"

The only sure way to curb police abuse if -true- civilian oversight (PBA has fought this for decades) and have those judgments extracted from the police budget. No more easy O-T honeypot.

Anything else is just grandstanding.

Queens Crapper said...

Check this out: 2 NYC Cops Accused Of Writing Fake Traffic Tickets

Anonymous said...

This Assemblyman Michael DenDekke thinks out of the box and I like that! It's refreshing - he should make a run at Rep Joe Crowley's seat - get something done in a different way & ideas.

Anonymous said...

Our Government unfortunately needs to be penalized for their abuse of power and lack of due dilligence. Mike is correct however, there needs to be a penalty to the agent that writes the faulty ticket as well. Maybe not a monetary, but some sort of penalty, this way the mentatlity that its not their money and the "at least I met my non existent quota" will be hampered.

Alfredo Centola

MyTruth said...

why not have this apply to ALL City Agencies? Look at the dismissal rate for Buildings' ECB violations when people go to hearings (those wise enough to avoid being snookered by the DOB "resolve violations quickly" campaign - which involved admitting guilt by taking a stipulation.)

Anonymous said...

The Mayor always speaks of transparency and accountability, but only when it deals with our teachers. If schools and teachers are required to have performance reviews, why shouldn't police officers and local precincts be held to the same standards?

Anonymous said...

"This Assemblyman Michael DenDekke thinks out of the box and I like that! It's refreshing - he should make a run at Rep Joe Crowley's seat - get something done in a different way & ideas."

DenDekker is a lifelong political asswipe hack and stooge of both Joe Crowley and Margaret Markey.
His qualifications? Garbageman. Look it up.

This bill is just part of his press campaign with no chance of becoming law.

Anonymous said...

So sorry he's in a snit because his mommy got a ticket. Too bad we don't have city officials as family members. This will never happen. The city needs the revenue and counts on faulty tickets and quotas.

Helen said...

DenDekker is one of the reasons our Taxes are so high. That money would be coming out of the Taxpayers' pockets. It always does.

Just dismiss the tickets on their merits.

Joe said...

There is huge abuse by Bloomberg and NYPD at Willets Point. They are trying to choke off all repair shop customers.
Last year a cop looked over my truck, stickers, tried to call my Icom HF radio a police scanner. The jerkoff didnt even know what a Advanced class FCC licence is and had to call a supervisor.

The bootjacker then made up a bullsh*t ticket for parking on the sidewalk where theres been no sidewalk since 1964. It was moon craters decayed gravel and dirt.
I had to waste 3 hours in court to get the ticket thrown out the judge was a snotty rude clown lucky I had photos.

Helen said...

Greg Mocher ~

Are you here? Have you read what "Joe" wrote? Do you recognize Abuse of Authority when you see it?

Time is money to a Mechanic and his customers. NYPD should be going after the bad guys, not harassing Taxpaying citizens over garbage like this

It's not as if Saddik-Khan has Bike Lanes to fret over in Willets Point, is it???

Joe said...

The abuse of power and ticket quotas forced on the cops by the near bankrupt city has gotten un-barable.
I am now going to keep a hidden USB camera and laptop rolling under the seat driving in NYC.
All the truckers are now doing it.
The city need money so bad Bloomberg and his dog Kelly will do anything

I haven’t experienced abuse of power and harassment this bad since I lived in Hollywood hills.
Its a city built around the automobile. Up on the hill the cops stop you because you’re walking and making peoples dogs bark. They tell yo go back home and get a ride or call a car service or be arrested.

These pricks basicly accused me of being a bum when at the time I earning what they make in a year in a week with the band & songs on the radio
$5000 a month house with a pool. I was walking because I simply wont drink an drive. The LA jail is not a nice place its all Mextizo gangs colored people. (I spent 6 hours there once accused of shooting bottle rockets. There was no evidence, no wrappers, no lighter no launch tube. They just needed someone to drag into custody so they can get behind a desk and drink coffee and donuts
This is where NYC is headed

Anonymous said...

the cop should pay.

Anonymous said...

each time a ticket is thrown out, it should be counted against the person who wrote it. Put a policy in place where if some one writes 10 thrown out tickets a year they lose their job....
accountability: just like everywhere else ...

Anonymous said...

I dont know if the cops should pay after all, it is the "quotas" that are the problem. I mean if a cop doesn't write the amount of tickets he needs, then he dare not ask for a vacation day (which is rightfully his/hers).

So these NONEXISTENT QUOTAS are the cause. At least part of it.


Anonymous said...

Earlier this month, the city sent DenDekker's mother a letter saying she needed to provide more pictures of the street sign.

for every city block

Disclaimer: The public is advised that parking regulations are subject to temporary or permanent change and that posted signage must be observed for compliance with laws and regulations.

Eppie S.