Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2 construction workers die in fall

From the NY Post:

Two construction workers were killed today in a five-story fall at an Upper West Side building site, authorities said.

The men, who were not wearing harnesses, were seven stories up in the project at 150 West 83rd St. when the beam they were working on gave way around 10:35 a.m., authorities said.

They fell five stories down an under-construction elevator shaft.

EMTs struggled to revive both men at the scene before they were rushed to separate hospitals.

"In the process of the EMTs trying to revive him [one worker], they said he was having a heart attack," said witness Anthony Alvarado, 24.

"The other guy was on a stretcher, and you couldn’t tell if he was alive or not."

A 49-year-old worker was declared dead at Roosevelt Hospital, and a 51-year-old worker was declared dead at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Police and the Department of Buildings are investigating.


Anonymous said...

Illegals ....not wearing a harness....

ok now what?

Anonymous said...

Thing again,You jumping to conclusions is illegal...They were from Dover Plains and New Paltz, and their names were Brett McEnroe and Roy Powell.

McNamara's Band said...

Illegals from the Old Sod?

Anonymous said...

The Dept of Bldgs spent a fortune on "harness awareness" but is very lackadaisical about enforcement. Recently I called 311 to report a crew of workersat a new building site working above the second floor without safety gear. The operator transfered me to 911. The 911 operator said it wasn't their provence, switched me back to 311. More than a day later, according to the records, an inspector went to the site and found nothing wrong. Good thing they didn't find dead bodies - but, hey - no big deal: they're all illegals anyway (see Anon 1)... another example: Staten Island Borough Hall has a shed/scaffolding up - worker can be seen frequently on the roof with no harness/safety gear: Note: the borough office for the Dept of Buildings is in Borough Hall!

Anonymous said...

Not all circumstances require that a worker wear a harness. OSHA has strong/stringent regulations regarding harnesses and fall protection. I suggest you call OSHA and the DOB.