Friday, October 1, 2010

Vito's honest graft

From the Daily News:

In Brooklyn, it's give to get - and Democratic boss Vito Lopez does them both.

Developers, architects, accountants, security firms and land surveyors have all lined up to write checks for Lopez - and all have won lucrative work from the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Center, the taxpayer-funded nonprofit Lopez controls.

In the last three years, companies doing business with Ridgewood Bushwick have donated $51,000, either directly to Assemblyman Lopez' campaign or the Kings County Democratic Committee, records show.

Often the checks are written just before or after the donor got work with RBSCC.

Lopez has steered more than $430,000 in pork barrel grants to Ridgewood Bushwick, the non-profit empire he founded that's run by his girlfriend.

The charity and its affiliates have $100 million in state and city contracts to build affordable homes, provide meals to seniors and run after-school programs.


Anonymous said...

You would think with all that money he could afford to wash his greasy hair more than once a month. Just sayin...

Gay Jury Consultant said...

There is a lot more going on here than just a man who needs a shampoo, like howabout ditching that combover? It is the 21st century Vito and even Rudy Guiliani finally got the memo!

And why not weed out those out eyebrows just a little bit.

And when you have a turkey neck like that it is time to start rocking more prominent collars, they'll take attention away from it.

It's pretty bad but not totally hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Brooklyn Diocese support him so much?

Anonymous said...

what ever u say about vito at least he not a left wing nut that is destroying the dem party

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous #3 , he is exactly the type of crook that destroys the democratic party; and the business side of big religion in Brooklyn has been what has made this possible for years. Like sheep. Ignorant, foolish, and often greedy, sheep.