Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maura McCarthy stuck on stupid

From CBS 2:

The city Department of Transportation reacted speedily to correct a hazardous street condition exposed by CBS 2 this week.

The quick fix, though, may have created more problems for a neighborhood where residents claim they still have a possibly deadly road, reports CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer.

When Commissioner McCarthy visited the neighborhood to inspect the work, she was immediately set upon by residents.

“I think you’re wrong,” resident Sal Zito said.

“If a car is stuck here by accident, whatever, how do we get home?” Rosemarie Zito asked.

“You go around illegally,” McCarthy told her.

“You mean illegally, oh, thank you,” Rosemarie said.

(If video does not appear, click link.)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a nice new bike lane will solve all of your problems.

Anonymous said...

Ahh McCarthy, 107 cars per hour with 33% speeding on a 26foot wide street is not dangerous. What did you expect