Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Huang address, dumping appear at St. Saviour's site

Don't know the name, but that address sure sounds familiar... That's Tommy Huang's office building in downtown Flushing, right across from the theater he destroyed. Oh, well I'm sure it's just a coincidence. It's not like shady developers find each other in this town.
Interesting. There used to be street trees here. Now there are bricks. Is Bloomberg planning to pave over tree pits now too?
Even more interesting! Where did this construction debris come from? We aren't using this site as an illegal waste transfer station again, are we?

Photos by nutrichris on Flickr


Anonymous said...

".....I'm sure it's just a coincidence"


Good citizens of Maspath beware of the Huang INVasian. Protect your neighborhood from this family of convicted felons.

Look what they did in Flushing.

Bayside ingored the warnings.

Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to Huang & Sons.

linda said...

I don't understand how community Five just sits on the complaints about this site. I know for a fact,because Sanitation Police told me,that an owner of a property cannot use his property to dump and especially construction crap.so why hasn't anyone summons this owner or the contractor? they need to do something about this there are privately owned homes across from this and god knows what they are breathing in. BLOOMBERG GET AFTER THIS YOU WANT GREEN! CLEAN THIS CRAP UP.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg wont collect any fines from these developers and lets them get away with shit like this. That little DICK needs a bullet in his head! N.Y.C. would be in a better financial position if he would just go after these fines but he wont cause he thinks over development will bring in the money. Huang should've been hung but Bloomberg lets this criminal continue to build with illegal alliens.

linda said...

get "mocker" on this site... then the city will do something!

Anonymous said...

To Anon No. 3: He doesn't need a bullet -- just to leave office.

Anonymous said...

Greg Mocker. Good idea. Don't forget Lionel.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a secret. This could be a reason why he allows Huang to destroy Queens real estate. Huang's license should have been yanked years ago, yet nothing happens to him and he continues to develop and destroy Queens and make tons of money. Bloomburg has done nothing.

Anonymous said...

The Demolition work should not be signed off if any of struction debris is still at the job site. The DOI should investigate if the DOB has sgned off the demolition job.

Anonymous said...

The only problem is the Mayor. I'm sure he has told the DOB to back off Huang. Mike's a good friend to all developers. Huang should have been stripped of his license and deported already.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Huang is a "bad seed" and the issue of his loins (son Henry who is about 30 years old by now)continues his criminal pappa's shady work.

HANG HUANG and sterilize his sons!

wouldn't you like to know who? said...

Councilwoman Harrison once asked the state attorney general's office to declare Huang "a public nuisance" barring him from real estate development.

They refused...probably got quite a payoff from the Liu/Huang family.

The father of Alice Liu (Huang) was an extremely wealthy man in Taiwan.

It's been said that she married tommy because his family is know to produce an abundance of male children.

The Chinese (Taiwanese) have no great love for female offspring.

In China (under Mao's one child per family edict) mothers have been known to drown their newborn daughters in favor of next trying for a son.

H-m-m-m....a very "civilized" society....or as one prominent Queens attorney familiar with Manes and early Taiwanese real estate development once said, "They're (the Chinese) a lying and corrupt