Thursday, October 14, 2010

Horror at Hollis house

From the Daily News:

An elderly Queens couple were found dead in their home on Tuesday - and their mentally handicapped son was living among the corpses, police said.

The bodies of Phillip Zimmer, 88, and his wife, Lillian, 84, were decayed when cops arrived at the Hollis Hills home at 4:15 a.m., police said.

Investigators believe Phillip Zimmer died about a week ago and his wife, who had been bedridden for years, died Monday, police sources said.

The causes of their deaths have not been determined, but police do not suspect foul play.

The couple's 61-year-old son, Stuart Zimmer - who lived with his parents and is developmentally disabled - was taken to Long Island Jewish Hospital for psychiatric evaluation, police said.

He is not suspected of any wrongdoing, police said.

When Phillip Zimmer died, Stuart Zimmer "panicked" and stayed with the body inside the squalid home for days without notifying authorities, the police sources said.

In the meantime, Lillian Zimmer, who was infirm for years, also died - but the son still didn't immediately contact cops.


Anonymous said...

Sad and likely to happen again in the future as parents age. But..!!!...who finally contacted the cops at 415am in the morning? The son? I hate it when they only answer half the questions. WHO CALLED THE COPS????

Anonymous said...

Maybe a postal worker noticed mail piling up, and called police 16 hours earlier and they finally got there 16 hours later?

Anonymous said...

really sad story.........