Monday, October 4, 2010

Homeless lunatic stabs 3 people

From the NY Post:

A deranged homeless man went on a slashing spree in Queens last night -- knifing three victims at three different locations, cops said.

The first attack occurred at Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike when the 48-year-old brute used a box-cutter to slice a 54-year-old man, officials said.

Then, around 10:50 p.m., the suspect wounded a 49-year-old man at Austin Street and 72nd Road in Forest Hills.

Five minutes later, another man was cut while waiting on the subway platform, waiting for a Manhattan-bound train at the 71st Avenue-Continental Avenue station.

All three victims were taken to local hospitals with minor wounds.

The suspect was taken for a psychiatric evaluation.


Big Hairy Balls said...

This is why carrying a legally registered gun is important.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ok. Even if it was legal to carry guns, they got too hurt to even get the gun. Also, the lunatic might even take the gun away making the situation worse.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why this lunatic did this. That way he at least have a jail to be not homeless anymore! He should've helped us out by just punching all the ticket maids everytime they write a ticket instead of slicing people. It's more fun and with a purpose!

Big Shaved Balls said...

Carrying a gun won't save you from someone sneaking behind you and stabbing your jugular.

However, putting down your iphones and being a bit more vigilant might.

Anonymous said...

why only 3?
I'm sure with all the abuse dumped on him when attempting to access NYC services for the disenfranchised indigent , he will go on to stab many more. not to mention, the infuriating run around one gets when trying to get help.
The DHS, dept of homeless services, did nothing for him but make him a second class citizen.
big salaries for do nothing jobs at DHS, where they throw women holding newborn babies out in the rain at 6:00am.

you can blame the real estate machine for this.

Anonymous said...

DHS? this guy needs a bullet,as you do,massive lib!

Karen said...

I saw him at the Union Turnpike Station waving a bag around, and then going through the garbage, eventually pulling out a bag of partially uneaten food. There was a small young female Asian police woman who wasn't aware of the fact that he had been arrested two weeks before. I recognized him from the 75th Avenue station, his usual hang-out, and from his photograph in the NY Post. He'll certainly have another episode. I can't imagine he has been cured.