Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flushing landlady brutally attacked by tenant

From the NY Post:

A Queens man smashed his landlady in the head with a pipe and refused to let her leave the apartment after he shorted her on the rent, authorities charged today.

Jasuli Abdimutel, 22, had only $340 to give his landlady, Yung Zhong Sun, when she came to collect the rent on Tuesday, Queens DA Richard brown said.

When she sat down on the bed to write a receipt, Abdimutel attacking, bashing her several times with a metal pipe and flinging her off the bed, Brown said, adding that whenever Sun tried to scream Abdimutel would stuff his fingers or a sock in her mouth.

He took her money and two cell phones and held her for seven hours, telling her he would not let her leave until it was dark, Brown said.

Sun was saved when after her husband, who was traveling in China, grew concerned that he hadn’t heard from her and called New York’s Finest.

Cops found Abdimutel inside the Corona building where he allegedly said to them, "She’s not hurt."

Cops went into Abdimutel’s and found Sun, who first pointed at her alleged assailant and then at the bag containing the bloody pipe.

She was taken to the hospital where she was treated for facial fractures, a broken right arm, cerebral hemorrhaging and bleeding from her left ear, receiving 12 staples and 16 stitches.


Anonymous said...

sounds like the perp is a typical misogynistic member of the ROP(MA)

georgetheatheist said...

Kill my lan' lawd. Kill my lan' lawd. - Eddie Murphy

Anonymous said...

why the heck was she sitting oh his bed?
this raises a lot of questions.

Anonymous said...

Colorful, vibrant, bustling Floo-xhing!

This kind of crap never happened before the Taiwanese colonized it.