Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Buses sabotaged at depots

From the Daily News:

Saboteurs struck at two bus depots in recent weeks, vandalizing and disabling more than two dozen buses, authorities said Monday.

In the stealth attacks - which officials think were carried out by disgruntled workers - the vandals filled fareboxes on 29 buses with construction foam, which expands and solidifies, NYC Transit confirmed.

The final cost for fixing or replacing the damaged equipment will be about $185,000, agency spokesman Charles Seaton said.

The first batch of damaged buses was discovered before the morning rush on Sept. 27 at the Casey Stengel depot near Citi Field in Queens, NYC Transit said.

The following Monday, an additional 12 buses buses were discovered in the same condition at the LaGuardia depot in East Elmhurst, Queens, the agency said.

The sabotage comes at a time when labor-management relations are particularly sour. The MTA's NYC Transit division this year has laid off hundreds of bus drivers, slashed service and moved aggressively to curb driver overtime.


Anonymous said...

It could be anarchist trying to prove a point about fare hikes/service or it could be a internal revenge plot by labor management.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere Ralph Cramden is crying.

Anonymous said...

Why are these bus not locked up or access restricted - review the security cameras, no??