Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Volunteer ambulance corps back in 911 system

From the Forum West:

City fire officials have agreed to once again allow community-based volunteer ambulance corps to log onto the 911 system, in a reversal of a much-criticized decision made late last year.

On Tuesday, Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village), who chairs City Council’s Fire and Criminal Justice Committee, was joined by members of volunteer ambulance corps at a press conference on the steps of City Hall. Following the rally, Crowley led a hearing on the recent FDNY/EMS decision to remove the vollies from the 911 system.

During that hearing, EMS Chief John Peruggia agreed to restore the policy that allowed the groups to log onto the 911 system, according to Crowley, who called the decision a “victory for all New Yorkers.” However, she cautioned that “while this is a step in the direction, there is still progress to be made to reach a solution that will most effectively utilize these volunteer groups in partnership with the EMS... I hope today’s hearing demonstrates a willingness and a commitment from the EMS to work with our community volunteer ambulances and the City Council to utilize these free and important resources.”

There are about three dozen volunteer ambulance groups throughout the city, mostly in the outer boroughs, that respond to nearly 15,000 emergencies annually. The policy reversed last October was a 2001 EMS Command Order that allowed vollies to log onto the system in an effort to maximize all available resources.


WB2*** said...

F_king joke.
Now these people now radio engineers or hold stock in the new Motorola Mexichina.
The new system sucks worse the the last! Turn on a police scanner.
The morons and "expert trained" techs in charge cant even do microphone connectors correctly.
Fk_ing joke god help us !

stinky said...

This makes sense to have the volunteer corp back on 911. Why do otherwise, it almost appears Bloomberg with the closing of firehouses and cutbacks in Police that he will eventually go to an all volunteer force everywhere except Manhattan where a paid force will remain.

Anonymous said...

Vollies dont get what they need in NYC and the FDNY dont even respect them while most of their good EMT's and Medics started in the vollies. What do the city care if vollies not around they hardly send any funding

Anonymous said...

As a Past President Of The Middle Village Volunteer Ambulance Corps, I was delighted to hear that the City of NY will once again include the Volunteer Ambulance Corps in the 911 System. If a free resource exists, it's a "no-brainer" that the City should use it. When the proverbial s..t hits the fan, we all need to help eachother. Being able to communicate with City FDNY EMS simply adds to our ability to better serve the residents of our great city.