Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In honor of Women's History Month

Found inside borough hall, 2nd floor.

God help Queens.


ConcernedQNZ said...

How many tax payer dollars were wasted on this piece of QUEENS CRAP?

They Are Back! said...


I am writing to you on behalf of the Queens Preservation Council. We are currently preparing a list of Queens organizations that are interested in local history and historic and neighborhood preservation. This list would be used to invite representatives of these organization to an event planned for Queens Borough Hall on May 27, 2010 in honor of the new Queens Borough Historian.

I would very much appreciate you providing me with the name of the best person in your organization to contact regarding this matter.


When the recipient had the audacity to respond with who? what? where? and when? in response to this 'summons' the sender fell silent.

This is borough hall calling, worm.

Coming soon, Queensmarks, Arbitration Rock, Queen Catherine, Underground Railroad 'ad nauseum.'

Unpleasant comments on the sorryassed state of preservation or history in Queens not welcome.

A group of 'official' spokesmen now exists to drown you out, or waste your time, to talk about your community to the press, the politicans, and Landmarks whether you like it or not.

Oh Joy!

Oxy Moron said...

Jumbo Shrimp
Deafening silence
Sweet sorrow
Forward retreat
Silent Scream
Quiet Riot
Civil War
Serious Joke
Clean Coal
Corporate Policy
Friendly Fire
Resistance Movement
Peaceful War


Anonymous said...

what the hell is the Native New Yorkers Historical Association? just did a search, nothing comes up. Must be a money laundering operation, bet they get lots of non profit grants.

does it have something to do with Boss Tweed?

James McManus & Claire Shulman proud grandchildren of Boss Tweed.

Anonymous said...

Give Claire Credit:

She destroyed the myth that you had to be good looking and well grooming to be elected into office.

She was the stepping stone for Stavitsky and Koslowitz

Anonymous said...

The Native New Yorker's Historical Association - never heard of them. Wasn't Cuervo the CIty Clerk?

Anonymous said...

"what the hell is the Native New Yorkers Historical Association?"

That was exactly my reaction. Never heard of them, and I'd bet it is some kind of vanity organization -- a "pay to play" honor.

Anonymous said...

"what the hell is the Native New Yorkers Historical Association?"

What the hell is the "Queens Preservation Council" is more like it - unless you are borough hall, or LPC, or the press.

Then you have an 'offical' spokesperson (read polite and respectful) for the sorry (read non-existant) state of community preservation in Queens.

But thats the point - like the politicans, is not to do something, but to have the apperance of doing something - that is the purpose.

Then the bulldozers can continue their happy work amongst a population, although unhappy, are powerless, because they are unled and kept ignorant and are totally incapable to do anything about it.

Dollops of ice cream money can buy all kinds of happyness.

a real preservationist said...

The late Felix Cuervo, I believe, started this organization.
He used to be on Queens Historical Society's board of trustees.

I don't think it exists anymore.

They used to post plaques around NYC.

One can be seen on the armory (28th Street, Manhattan) where the famous "Armory (art) Show" featuring such notables as Picasso & others showed off their stuff.

I knew Felix...he was a really good guy.

What possessed him and his associates to confer this award is beyond my comprehension.

I'd have kicked Shulman in her fat ass and considered it appropriate for her selling out Queens.

And then put her ass print in cement (without removing her) and display her until she rotted right in front of borough hall.

Anonymous said...

They used to post plaques around NYC.

What about all the plaque on that bovine's teeth?

Anonymous said...

Odds on it Jack Eichenbaum as boro historian.

His style is smarmy, loves to use the word 'immigrant', sticks his nose into any community and gives the party line on it (look - here are A-ribs! look - there are Bengladeshis!)

I like my community to sound like a day at the zoo - don't you?

Anonymous said...

How about Jeff Gottlieb - politically connected (and a 'Native American'?

Anonymous said...

Does that make him a 'No-Nothing?'

Anonymous said...

Kroessler and the Queensboro Presrevation League!