Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taxpayer Field falling apart - 2010 edition

From the NY Post:

A giant piece of the marquee Citi Field sign came crashing down on Jan. 25 -- more evidence for beleaguered Met fans that the sky really is falling.

The cover of the sign's C flew off and plummeted nearly 200 feet to the empty seats below, sources said. The sign towers over center field and is the centerpiece of the year-old stadium.

Photos provided to The Post show the 15-foot-long, 35-pound acrylic sheeting landed in a field-level section to the right of the sign.

"Once it hit the ground, it shattered into a bunch of pieces," a team insider told The Post.

The Mets blamed the mishap on heavy rain and gusty winds.

Using language better suited to describe an Oliver Perez home-run pitch, team officials said the sign "fluttered to the ground."

But the source said the C plunged faster than the team's position in the standings last season.

"This thing was falling from on top of the stadium," the source said. "Something falling from that height, it will definitely split your head."


JO said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe a piece will fall on Shulman's head if the taxpayers are lucky.

Then Wilpon can bury her beneath home plate.

Slide Reggie...slide!

Anonymous said...

What part of "ShittyField" do you not get?

PizzaBagel said...

So are they selling the pieces as souvenirs now, each one numbered and with a certificate of authenticity? Suckers, get out your credit cards.