Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meeks & Smith screwed football kids out of money

From the NY Post:

They stiffed Queens kids, too.

More than $400,000 raised by a nonprofit started by Congressman Gregory Meeks and state Sen. Malcolm Smith was never given to the community they represent, including a youth football league that requested a donation, a Post investigation has found.

The Rosedale Jets Football Association went hat in hand to the New Direction Local Development Corp., hoping for a piece of a $250,000 grant that was to go to community groups.

The Jets dutifully submitted an application, hoping to get up to $25,000 to fix up their field. They never got a cent.

Instead of helping the plucky pee-wee players, New Direction spent $405,000 on salaries, mysterious consultants, office expenses and meals, according to paperwork filed by the nonprofit. By 2008, $55,254 was left sitting in its bank account, untouched.


Anonymous said...

Again, politicians stealing anything that isn't bolted down. Why do we even need these bloodsucking criminals.

stinky said...

These guy need a good jail type indictment and trail jury held in Kansas to be judged impartially.

Anonymous said...

Brian McLaughlin is in Jail for taking $$$ from little leagues why are Meeks and Smith still in office after they screwed football kids out of money?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever think, that some of these run down urban area's never get the chance they deserve because of these scum. Wake up people, they are not helping you, only themselves. Start thinking about changing the demographic of your local politician and check their backgrounds before voting for them. Didn't Smith have some sort of neighborhood real estate deal go south affecting his so-called community?