Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pols begging lobbyists for donations

From the NY Post:

Nervous state lawmakers, fearing angry voters will kick them out of office in November, are shamelessly pressuring lobbyists more than ever for massive political contributions, lobbyists and lawmakers have told The Post.

The stepped-up effort is taking the form of a record number of fund-raising events, with lawmakers themselves on the phone demanding as much as $25,000 in campaign contributions.

"They are relentless in their calling lobbyists this year, mainly the Democrats in the Senate, and it's unbelievable," a prominent lobbyist with strong Democratic ties told The Post yesterday.

"None of us has ever seen anything like it."

A lobbyist with strong GOP connections said legislators "are all crazed because they're scared of running this year and not having the funds they think they need to do it."

Meanwhile, a well-known senator who is preparing a large fund-raiser conceded, "My colleagues are scared and trying to raise as much money as possible, and the lobbyists are the ones with access to the cash."


Anonymous said...

How about naming some of those "nervous state lawmakers?"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, give us a list. What do they have to be nervous about? I guess they are guilty of something and are afraid -- and well they should be. Vote everyone out in November and start from scratch. Anyone is better than what is in office now.

Queens College Student said...

Human filth. Living, breathing filth.

ALL of them. Democrats and Republicans are equally repugnant.

It's a shame the Tea Baggers are such fringe lunatics. I'd like to see a meaningful, centrist third party that isn't a harem for big business.

Anonymous said...

third party's only create losers like ross perot and ralph nader,leaving the citizens with the clinton war pacifist's who got our people murdered in 1993 and 2001.

Anonymous said...

Wattsa matta..."Parkside" not pimping good enough for them?

Maybe Evan's getting it in the ass too now!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard ANYTHING about Evan or his momma lately?

Anonymous said...

The American public only has two slightly different parties controlled by corporate donations, lobbyists, and again large donations from real estate, pharma, and defense private contractors ripping off the tax payer.