Saturday, March 6, 2010

Garage house revisited

To refresh your memory on this great feat, the owners of this garage converted it to a house without permits. The house therefore does not have a certificate of occupancy. Attorney General Cuomo was notified back in 2008 when the realtor was showing the house and said it wasn't his concern and that it didn't need a C of O because the garage was built before 1935. (And this is supposedly our next governor... scary, eh?)


Anonymous said...

cong.barney frank,dem. chmn. finance comm. or sen. chris dodd,chmn.dem.senate finance comm. they are experts on getting special mortgage consideration .
they have contacts at "countryside".
but hurry,they might be behind bars soon?

Anonymous said...

omg!! i spoke with someone at the buildings dept. and they said once someone builds over the garage the driveway is no longer legal.. it's amazing they still have a driveway and that ugly structure of an awning is illegal too. still waiting to hear how they get water and where does the sewage go?? they never dug out for any system. oh and i hear they don't get along with neighbors, which is the house orginally on this site, as you can see they put up a fence and they made themselves a illegal driveway which stores trucks from NJ company.. yeah illegals get away with everything in this city. i want to see what anyone does in this city. another house which is opposite of the garage house which is yellow too, was just purchased recently and the owner built something in the back and finished out his driveway without permits. welcome to america!

Anonymous said...

oh i meant to say on above statement, that the house recently purchased he finished out his basement without permits!!

stinky said...

The city must shut down this illegal dwelling as they must respond to all other illegally converted dwellings that do not meet code, not previously obtained permits to perform the major alterations.