Tuesday, March 2, 2010

City wants to study Texaco map

From Ink Lake:

This past summer and autumn, volunteers under the aegis of the city Parks and Recreation Department, removed the vegetation that had sprouted (and was cracking the tiles apart). A layer of sand was then placed over the floor, and then a geotextile was placed on top, finally covered by a layer of gravel.

The city has applied to the state for an Environmental Protection Fund grant to conduct studies of the condition of the towers and other structures. If the funding is obtained, based on the results of those examinations, next steps can be decided.

At least things aren’t getting any worse.

Well, if the soon-to-be-ex-governor's cuts to the EPF stand, then it's not likely the funding will be obtained. The loss of the EPF fund is threatening zoos, botanical gardens and aquaria as well as proposed park projects.


Joe said...

These morons dont need another study, dozens of engineers know what needs to be done

They have had plenty of study's already done along Engineers who worked pro-bono explaining what needs to be done to both stabilize and restore it.
Of of these guys is Chas who maintained the building at the fair who is now an aircraft engineer

What are they waiting for ?

Anonymous said...

Enough studies, get to work already!

stinky said...

All of the money for these studies to rehabilitate the pavilion went down the tubes and the structure continues to fall apart.

Sorry everyone - no single good idea has come out of these studies to incorporate into re purposing and fixing the structure. Too much time has gone by and the fix is no longer a rehab - it will take millions to do so and the structure need to be maintained and have a viable purpose. I believe the money should be directed to the other facilities that are in the park and being used by the public.

Worlds Fair Fan said...

Ha! Where do I begin?!! The pavilion (and its amazing terazzo floor) were ruined 40 years ago when the City leased the place to a roller rink (remember that disco era sensation?), without covering the floor. Then, in 1974, they removed the blue and orange fiberglass panels that made up the roof, thereby exposing the floor to the elements. The entire structure (observation towers, including the floor) is beyond economic restoration-- you could build a brand new exact copy of it for cheaper than it would cost to restore. Neither will ever be done. At some point, big chunks are going to be blown off, and hit someone. Such a shame-- on so many levels.

Worlds Fair Fan Again said...

I have to add this-- go to this link on youtube to see scenes from a 1972 "McCloud" episode (Dennis Weaver-- cowboy cop in NYC) where he repels down one of the towers to catch the bad guy. The pavilion was 8 years old at that time and was still in usable condition. Just amazing.


Anonymous said...

Watch out you "preservationists".
Think you've won a victory?
Could be only a stay of execution.

Didn't the city once conduct a study and shortly afterward found fault with the "Aquacade" then proceeded to tear it down (at the behest of Claire Shulman)?

And how much will the taxpayers have to shell out for this "study" and which connected firm will be awarded the contract?

"Studies"...ha, ha, ha...overtures to demolition!

Yer gonna get screwed and
this "study" is the vaseline!

Babs said...

Trivia question: (which is not easy to find on the internet - you would have to know where to look . . .)

Which TOP rock band played there in the summer of '69?

AirshipAl said...

"Which TOP rock band played there in the summer of '69?"

Led Zeppelin! 8/30/69

Babs said...

ding ding ding ding!!!!! you're correct!

Wow you gave me the actual date - THANK YOU!

I was there with five of my good friends - we were up front and center. It was so packed - us girls sat on the boys' shoulders just to save space.

A really great time was had by all!

AirshipAl said...

"I was there with five of my good friends - we were up front and center. It was so packed - us girls sat on the boys' shoulders just to save space."

That was YOU??!!?!!? ;>)

Babs said...

;) funny!