Monday, March 1, 2010

Brooklyn's CB1 opposed to Domino project

From the Brooklyn Paper:

The Community Board 1 Land Use Committee voted against the $1.2-billion redevelopment of the old Domino Sugar factory on Tuesday night, the first public rejection of the project as it enters the eight-month review process for a rezoning along the Williamsburg waterfront that would allow a multiple-skyscraper project that is larger than the law currently allows.

The 5-3 vote is merely a suggestion to the full community board, whose vote on March 9 is itself merely advisory to Borough President Markowitz, the City Planning Commission and the City Council, all of which have a say on the proposal.

(Actually, Markowitz' vote is also merely advisory, but don't tell him that...)

In the end, the members of the land-use committee who voted against the Domino project expressed frustration at the hearing, which took place at the Capital One Bank building in Greenpoint.

“We should just shoot ourselves right now,” said board member Heather Roslund, an opponent. “If this is the future of New York City, it’s just sad.”

You'd think the landmark would be the showpiece, instead it's dwarfed by gargantuan glass-topped buildings.


kingb said...

well, the reason they oppose it is because they want it to be "permanent" subsidized housing - so they want yet another waterfront housing project (call it whatever you want, but permanent subsidized housing = housing project in my book).

so sad that in nyc we are often left with only 2 choices - obnoxious luxe condos, or cheap lifetime apts for leeches..

all while destroying another landmark

Anonymous said...

Text Message:

You mean we should have submitted it to CB 1 QUEENS!!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know. I think it looks nice.

Anonymous said...

What's so bad about creating another Queensbridge-Ravenswood?

Anonymous said...

What's so bad about creating another Queensbridge-Ravenswood?

I danno. Ask Penny Lee of City Planning. Lots of our taxes are going intothat area for development so she must see something that the rest of us a missing.

Millions of dollars, in fact, for HANAC, Suna, Dutch Kills 'hotels', that monster going up at the corner of Jackson... whereas nothing for parks, hospitals, or schools.

Maybe someone should ask her.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised this area is just not grabbed by eminent domain (the new millenium's legal corporate crime spree) like the Ratner stadium land in Brooklyn was today.

Who needs the middle class in NYC anymore?


Anonymous said...

Williamsburg has experienced stunning mega development. Infrastructure is maxed out and most of the big projects are not up and running yet. Already the L train is operating at maximum capacity and still is always overcrowded. Domino is offering subsidized housing but with the trade off that there will be 7,000 more people. Disaster.