Saturday, March 13, 2010

Be careful out there!

From NY1:

New York City spent Saturday being pelted by rain and tossed by strong winds. Runoff of rain made two manholes explode in Manhattan's Upper West Side, and Staten Island lost ferry service, but the borough of Queens especially suffered the storm's wrath.

More than a half-dozen electrical poles toppled by heavy winds in Hamilton Beach, Queens on Saturday caused hours of service disruptions on the A subway train between South Ozone Park and the Rockaways.

The stormy weather caused power outages for many in Queens.

The heavy rain and winds gusts reaching as high as 46 mph brought tree branches crashing down, including one in front of P.S. 121 in South Ozone Park.

All the streets were littered with broken umbrellas.

Streets and highways throughout the borough were flooded with rain in spots and the poor visibility made for dangerous driving conditions.

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