Monday, December 14, 2009

Woodside terror promoter has left the country

From the Queens Chronicle:

A Woodside convert to Islam who openly sympathizes with al-Qaeda and the Taliban says he has left the country. The move comes in advance of a protest planned outside his home 10 days from now, though he said he plans to return and did not link his departure to the upcoming rally.

Yousef al-Khattab, who operates a website called Revolution Islam and has praised the violent acts of radical Muslims including U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who allegedly killed 13 fellow soldiers and wounded 38 more at Fort Hood in Texas last month, said on Tuesday that he is outside of the United States now, though he did not specify where.

Al-Khattab said he does not plan to be at his home at 54-11 Woodside Ave. on Dec. 20, when a protest organized by the New York City-based Jewish Defense Organization is scheduled to be held at 1 p.m. He spoke about the protesters, his beliefs, the future of the United States and other issues in an audio clip posted online in response to questions emailed to him by the Queens Chronicle. The recording is available at

Asked if he wants the U.S. government to be replaced by Islamic rule, he says that he is not actively seeking that, but believes that it will inevitably happen, even if it takes hundreds of years.


Auntie Invasion said...

This is what is living in Woodside, this is the tip of the iceberg. go to Jackson Heights. what is with all the dam Mosques in Woodside?

the taxi drivers on 61st Street near the LIRR are all from Pakistan. please deport all of them.

Anonymous said...

I will be there at the protest. And the next day, the next, the next, the next.

Anonymous said...

I know that house, Al Qaeda type men come and go there all hours of the day and night. The same happens at the second floor midnight Mosque on the east side of 57th Street, 100 feet south of 32nd avenue and 700 feet north of Northern Blvd. Dog walkers see all, but never see a cop.

Anonymous said...

Good for JDL. I wish that they showed up when we had a few of these creeps in Astoria. The only difference is I wished they would show up a little early and beat the crap out of these people before the police could arrive.

Klink Cannoli said...

He's most likely in Morocco with his family.

Apparently he's not very savvy regarding his personal information on the interwebs.

His personal blog...

Family blog...

What Yousef doesn't understand about using his First Amendment right is its responsibility. He will learn quickly what this means through community pressure and outrage.

Anonymous said...

How do we know he really left? Did anyone actually SEE him leave the country?

georgetheatheist said...

The fact that Yousef al-Khattab is of Jewish origin is quite interesting.

It brings to mind the concept of the Self-Hating Jew. I believe there is some kind of psychological drive going on in his actions.

He's more Muslim than the Muslims. Check out the story of Dan Burros who was the Grand Dragon of the NYS KKK. A Queens Hebrew school educated Jew with an IQ of 154. A classic example of the Self-Hating Jew. He was a former member of the American Nazi Party headed by George Lincoln Rockwell. Burros committed suicide in 1965 when the NY Times published an article about his Jewish origins.

I bet Yousef al-Khattab has a screw loose somewhere.

For further info:


(This site is sooo educational.)

Klink Cannoli said...

His views of Islamic jurisprudence are more orthodox than the Wahhabi Sunni sect (by his own comments). I wonder if he may have stumbled upon Hassan al-Banna's writings?

Interesting from a psychological perspective and study as to what drives men of his ilk. Although you may consider whether a Jew or what have you, once you submit to Allah and recite the Shahada (the testimony of faith), you're in. Done. His previous religious origins cannot be used to discredit him from a theological point of view if one chooses to use it as a weapon against him as in the case of Burros. Unfortunate.

I hope his presence in the country or not bears no effect on the proposed protest. It can still be effective by getting the word out to his neighbors.

Anonymous said...