Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tree buffer planted in Jamaica Estates

From NY1:

Community officials broke ground Monday on a project aimed at cutting noise pollution and beautifying the Grand Central Parkway.

Trees and shrubs will be planted on the eastbound and westbound sides from Utopia Parkway to 188th Street in Jamaica Estates.

Besides being a cosmetic improvement, the foliage will act as a sound barrier for homeowners living along the highway.

"The green wall will reduce the heat island effect, it will produce oxygen, it will absorb carbon dioxide. It will trap particulate matter on the leaf surface. It will provide a home for insects, for birds. It will raise property values. It will look beautiful in terms of colors of leaves and things like that," said Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe.

Congressman Gary Ackerman secured $375,000 in federal funding for the trees earlier this spring.

The plantings count toward Mayor Michael Bloomberg's initiative to plant one million new trees throughout the five boroughs by 2017.


A Better NYC said...

Surprise, surprise...

Ackerman lives about 100 feet from the west bound lanes of the Grand Central Parkway in Jamaica Estates.

Those trees were practically planted for his personal benefit....not for the benefit of Jamaica Estates.

mazeartist said...

Perhaps Ackerman can take a jog around Jamaica Estates, and speak up on the long-abandoned home on Midway Pkwy and Grand Central.

Perhaps Ackerman can lobby for a Greenstreet park for the triangle at 188th St/McLaughlin/GCP service road.

Anonymous said...

Now do something about the huge 3 dead trees on 108 and 70 rd. or the next block and the next.