Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Searching for Queens Village attempted kidnapper

QUEENS (WABC) -- Police in Queens are searching for a predator who tried to abduct a woman off the street.

Detectives released a sketch of a man they say is behind the attempted kidnapping of a 19-year-old woman in Queens Village.

The man allegedly tried to pull the victim into a black four-door sedan early Monday morning. The woman fought back and was able to escape the attacker, police said.

The suspect drove off in that black sedan.

Police say the suspect is a black male in his mid to late 30. He is approximately 5-foot-10 with black dreadlocks and a gold cap on his upper teeth.


Anonymous said...

They had the balls to say the suspect is black this time!

Anonymous said...

please i live in the area and let me tell you my first thought was I took out the garbage at 3 am and didnt get kidnapped, killed or raped. This crap happens in every area everyday and whatever the news wants to pick up they do..let the 105 do their job quietly because this sob will do it again and when he tries to kidnap another girl the cops will get him because the 105 got nothing better to me.

Anonymous said...

Where in queens village. I live in queens village and the news didn't say where