Friday, December 11, 2009

Musician murdered in illegal apartment

From the NY Post:

A musician was found shot to death in his Brooklyn apartment early today.

Troy Young, 29, was discovered lying on the floor of his basement apartment at 36 4th Street in Carroll Gardens shortly after midnight with a bullet wound to his head, police said.

Officers went to the apartment after a friend reported he hadn’t been seen in several days.

Young had lived in the building for about 18 months, said neighbor Paul Engelbrecht. "I saw him on Tuesday, and everything was good. He was laughing," he said.

"He’s a very quiet guy. He’d have some people over sometimes on Fridays or Saturdays, one or two, not a lot. He was a no problem guy."

Well he did have a problem when the DOB showed up to inspect the illegal conversion he was living in and documented that a "VERY AGGRESSIVE MALE OCCUPANT" turned them away.


Anonymous said...

No information shows that the DOB ever showed up at the apartment. So until this can be proven with a source, the statement is a lie.

Anonymous said...

He was found "in the basement" and they show a cellar door in the video. The DOB inspector also put some pretty specific info in the response to the complaint. What more proof do you want?

Anonymous said...

who cares whether the DOB came to his apartment or not... he was living in an apartment and paying rent..

Are you suggesting that his anything to do with his murder?

Are you suggesting that the DOB murdered him for paying his hard earned money to a landlord who was renting the space illegally?

That's a problem with the landlord not the tenant.

So what is your 'proof' what what relevance does your 'proof' have that we have lost a great charismatic, honest hard working friend.

Try speculating things that are more important and relevant to the bigger picture..

otherwise, you have no credibility or reason to post this information at all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, when someone is murdered, it's usually in hidden spaces where no one hears or sees anything, like in a cellar. If only Bloomturd cracked down on these violations the way he goes after guns...

Heard a lady in LIC was killed in another illegal conversion...found today.

Anonymous said...


You are completely ignorant to the situation.

1. I lived in a "CELLAR" apartment for 2 years. EVERY "BASEMENT APARTMENT" has a cellar door.. it is not used to enter and exit the apartment.

2. Basement apartments are not illegal in new york city, despite common belief. I know this because I had a problem with my landlord and I called the DOB, they informed me that it is legal.

HE DID NOT ENTER AND EXIT THROUGH THE CELLAR DOOR. He had a normal door, and entered through the front door just like every other "LEGAL" tenant.

To suggest that he was living in "cellar" is complete ignorance. It was a regular apartment that happened to be below the rest.

You make it sound like he was living in a fucking cave below the sea level. you are an idiot.

Just because you saw a cellar door on a 30 second news clip it does not mean anything at all.

He was a not a fucking bum living in a cellar. He worked very hard for every dollar that he earned and made a very respectable living to afford a NORMAL apartment, it was actually not a bad place at all, if you had actually seen the place, or knew anything about the situation you would understand this.

you should put your pathetic attempt to investigative research into finding some clues why an INNOCENT, YOUNG, TALENTED FRIEND to HAD HIS LIFE TAKEN AWAY.

you are a complete fool and you need to focus on something more useful. I have lost a good friend, and the world has lost a very talented and generous person.. regardless of where he was living.

Queens Crapper said...

1) No one said he wasn't talented or loved.

2) His apartment was illegal according to the certificate of occupancy. It was a cellar and not a basement.

Anonymous said...

"Basement apartments are not illegal in new york city, despite common belief."

They are illegal if the basement space is not designated as a living space on the C of O. Also, a clip on Channel 7 showed that there was not a basement in that house. Basements are >50% above ground and have windows for ventilation. This one did not.

Michael said...

I was a friend of Troy's and I have been in the apt several times. Yes it may have been an illegal conversion but I assure the cellar door that was shown in the clip was not how you entered the apt. It was a small but great apt that you entered through the front door like all of the other tenants. The news showing the cellar door is very misleading.

Michael said...

also there most certainly was a back door from his apt leading into the backyard which he absolutely loved being in. He worked so hard to clean the yard from the moment he moved in. It was a lil sanctuary for him. Maybe it reminded him of being at home ( Idaho ) instead of Brooklyn.

There also was a small window in the back of the apt that was next to the door that lead to the back yard.

Anonymous said...

Apartments also have to have 2 means of egress. An apartment that only has one door is illegal regardless of whether it is above or under the ground.

Queens Crapper said...

May Troy rest in peace. And may whoever did that to him be caught and get what's coming to him.

A Relative said...

I believe that his girlfriend (or Ex I'm not sure) was seeing somebody else the same time she was seeing Troy. A while back Troy and her boyfriend got into an argument.

If he was killed over a girl... It's just BS.

Anonymous said...

"Apartments also have to have 2 means of egress. An apartment that only has one door is illegal regardless of whether it is above or under the ground."

Just by that statement alone is false. All legal two family can have only 1 means of egress. The 2 means of egress are for 3 or more family homes. If a 3 family has only 1 means of egress, they will have a have a sprinkler install in the common stairs and hallways. I did a conversion before so I know.

Anonymous said...

It sad that this young man was murdered. The DOB needs to crack down on these greedy homeowners whom are renting out their cellars or basement. It is illegal according to the Queens zoning by laws to rent make an apartment with a kitchen and bathroom. In my neighborhood, I report every homeownwers who illegal convert their homes to DOB, their mortgage companies and the IRS.