Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More proof that Bloombergian crime stats are B.S.

"Dear Crappy,

The e-mail below was sent out by Sister Rose of St. Stan's School in Maspeth.

I was told the student and his mom went to the precinct, but the desk officer would not take the report.

Is it true precinct staffing is based on statistics on crime in the area. Is that why they wont take reports. Two months ago, my car was vandalized, the side mirror was kicked off. (The police officers said it was a common thing) but they would not take a report.

Thank you."

- Anonymous

-----Original Message-----
From: Sister Rose Torma
Sent: Tue, Nov 24, 2009 1:01 pm
Subject: Be ALert...A Safety Warning

November 24, 2009

Dear Parents,

One of our upper grader students was mugged on Maspeth Avenue yesterday, Monday, and was threatened with a knife (although no knife was seen.) It is distressing to realize, that not only do things like this happen, but that they happen 'so close to home.'

The teachers will speak with the students in school, but I ask the parents also to reinforce the following with their children, especially those who walk home from school:

1. Students should always travel home from school with a partner and should never walk home alone.

2. Students should go home immediately after dismissal so that there are many people on the street at the same time, thus limiting the 'alone time' that the students who walk home from school would have on the street.

It took the occurrence of an unfortunate incident to reinforce safety precautions that all of our students should reminded of. We are grateful that our student who was approached on the street was not seriously hurt and I count on you, as a parent, as well as on our teachers, to reinforce that there is safety in numbers and that it is not wise to stay behind the group after dismissal time.

Thank you.
Sister Rose


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as being "mugged",that's called ROBBERY.If a cop refuses to take a report call 1800-PRIDEPD and make a complaint.If they do take a report,you had better obtain a copy and see that it wasn't downgraed or is false.Again,if it is not correct,call the number above.

Taxpayer said...

I certainly hope that Anonymous # 1 is not defending the cops for refusing to take the report because the "civilian" nomenclature was used to describe the criminal event.

Are police forbidden to ask the victim any questions that would reveal the details such as weather a weapon was used, or whether any sexual contact was made?

If that's the excuse, then no reports will ever be taken because most people know the general name of the crime, not the legalistic name.

Is the offending precinct the 104th?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether the cops take the report, either the desk officer or even the Commanding Officer will shitcan it.

Anonymous said...

Like I always say, "There's no police protection in Maspeth." The cops are all in Ridgewood. Kudos to Sister Rose Torma for informing the parents of this crime and trying to protect our neighborhood. We are basically on our own. Maspeth was such a nice neighborhood. I'm sure Bloomburg has police protection 24/7.

Anonymous said...

well which pct messed up this time... 104th? lmfao lazy ass cops. they don't do crap for anyone unless there's a donut or food involved..

Anonymous said...

I always see cops drinking coffee, but I NEVER see them eating donuts. I usually see teachers and bus drivers eating donuts.

Anonymous said...

Please, I wouldn't trust an nuns story anymore than I would a child story. Let the mother bring this to the proper attention if It did happen.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason why a nun would lie. She has nothing to gain from this. On the other hand, the 104 is notorious for being absent from this community. I'm sure this nun was trying to help the victim and the parents, but also did a public service to her students and their parents by informing everyone of what happened.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...
What would be the benefit of telling this lie? I dont see the point of your remark. I know this boy - he told me the story a guy in a North Face jacket ran up to him in front of Martin Luter High School punched him in the head-knocked him over-told him he had a knife and demanded his cell phone.
His mother tried to get a report taken "thats why their is a story".
I think there is too much going on in this world for people to make up horrible stories.

Anonymous said...

Not to make any excuse but the 104 precinct is horrible understaffed when it comes to routine patrol. Anyone who doesn't think so should go buy a cheap radio scanner and listen to the 104. Most crimes are reported in Ridgewood and Glendale, and not in Maspeth or Middle Village. That's why all the cops are always there. Furthermore I think there is a max amount of calls one car can be assigned. Calls come in every few seconds if we only have 4 or 5 cars they can only respond to 20 calls max. In reality there is not enough cops for a regular patrol to prevent crimes in Maspeth and Middle Village because everyone they got out is out responding to calls in Ridgewood and Glendale. The 104 just like the rest of the city needs more cops for routine precinct patrol. How can that happen when the city refuses to hire more cops and we have less cops out there than we did before 9/11? They are sacrificing our safety to save a few bucks by cutting PUBLIC SAFETY instead of cutting money to programs that aren't even necessary.

Roberto said...

At that last comment...are you crazy??? I think NYC should start being consired a militia with the number of cops floating around. And the majority of them do nothing except hassle those that according to them "fit the profile". Like alot of people in the neighborhood of Ridgewood, Im hispanic and have been stopped not one but numerous times asking me if I know anything about the latest gang fight between the Latin Kings or Trinitarios...etc. Im assuming that you're a 104 precint cop by the way ur responding but I dont even think you can convince urself of that lie. So many cops I see just strolling around in there cars looking to see who they can stop or who looks "suspicious" according to them. IM tired of it all. What the city needs is less cops around giving tickets and using there power to bully innocent people who have done nothing wrong.