Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Bloomberg bullshit

From the Gotham Gazette:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s November modification of the city’s four-year financial plan -- very quietly released without a mayoral press release on Nov. 16 -- and his concurrent directive to agency heads demanding big budget cuts offer many surprises. Some, like the modification’s acknowledgment of a sudden spurt in tax revenues and its list of federal economic stimulus monies pouring into the city, are even pleasant.

The mayor’s demand for $1.75 billion in budget cuts, however, is puzzling given the positive revenue news and a reduction in next year’s budget deficit. Another surprise is the modification’s retreat into budget opaqueness, contradicting the Bloomberg administration claims to transparency in governance. Lastly, perhaps less of a surprise, the modification’s does not offer any consideration of revenue options to meet next year’s $4.1 billion deficit.

Earlier in November, the Daily News reported that Bloomberg, when asked if he would keep his promise not to raise taxes through the 2011 fiscal year, "more or less stuck to his campaign pledge ... but left himself some wiggle room by reiterating that a lot depends on how Albany decides to address its own budget woes." He also called the November modification a "minor mod," and said that he would offer more specifics about resolving the 2011 deficit in his January 2010 preliminary budget.

It seems odd that a modification that fails to examine a major (positive) shift in tax revenues at a time of deficit worries would be characterized as a "minor mod." The disconnect between the improved revenue news and demands for $1.75 billion in agency cuts over the next 18 months would appear to be worthy of discussion.

Then of course, there's our debt level. Let's give more tax breaks to developers so they can build luxury condos.


Adolf Bloomhitler said...

I haff dezided to give up my $1/year zalary if zat will help.

Anonymous said...

I like the photo. It is a perfect mate for Bovine Shulman.

Anonymous said...

Wether you like it or not we are entering a new era in either sink or swim.

There is not enough money to fund everything. Bloomberg may have spent $100 million on the election but the money was spent locally,

People need to be responsible for themselves again....time to man up and be frugal, and to live within your means